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Allows you to mix and match any intro, idle, or victory pose with any skin, even those outside their respective sets.

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Pre-Update 2, you could use any pose with any skin, ie. Kaiju Archvile with the selfie pose, but as of Update 2, you can only use poses with a skin from the same set, ie. selfie pose only works with a Hipster skin. This mod lifts this restriction and allows you to mix and match like you could before. Note that while this works on the client side, I have not tested if other players will see what you're seeing.

The current update broke modding to an extent, so see the eternal-faq channel in the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord for the most up to date installation instructions.

Version 4 Changelog
• Unrestricts the poses from the Cultist Marauder and Elvis Mancubus sets
• Added sound and FX events from the Elvis Mancubus poses to other Mancubus skins
• Added sound and FX events from the Retro Revenant poses to other Revenant skins
• Added sound and FX events from the OG Pain Elemental poses to other Pain Elemental skins
• Added sound events from the Doomicorn, Trucker, and Cosplay poses to other Slayer skins. Can't get FX events to work yet.
• Added sounds for the following animations, when paired with skins outside of their intended sets:
   • "Clop Clop" (Doomicorn - Pacing back and forth)
   • "Haymaker" (Doomicorn - Two punches)
   • "Horsing Around" (Doomicorn - Roundhouse kick)
   • "Suit Up" (Maykr Slayer - Put helmet on)
   • "Victory Acquired" (Maykr Slayer - Fist pump)
   • "Skull Crush" (Cultist Slayer - Literally what it's called)
   • "Bring The Hunt" (Cultist Slayer - Rest foot on skull while equipment launcher rises up)
• Fixed bug where "Spritely Rockets" would trigger whenever switching tabs or scrolling through the menu with the Revenant
• Unrestricts all poses for Photo Mode