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Buffs the utility of the Combat Shotgun, Heavy Cannon, Plasma Rifle, Unmaykr, Full Auto mod, Micro Missiles mod, Heatblast mod, Microwave Beam mod, Remote Detonation mod, and Mobile Turret mod.

Permissions and credits
Here are the separate files for each Weapon that was changed.
Each file is compatible with the other but not with the Main Files on Nexus Mods.

For DOOM Eternal version 5.1

Installation instructions can be found on the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord (#eternal-faq):
I can personally help you in the Kaiserpalast DE Modding Discord:

Context for this Mod

- Designed to improve the functionality of the underused weapons and weapon mods without deviating too far from their vanilla versions.
- Each mod should be balanced for end game, high level play. A skilled player should find value in both weapon mods for any particular gun.
- Balanced primarily for official Master Levels & TAG 1.
- No damage or ammo cost alterations are present.
- Since most weapons have faster firing intervals, they are bigger ammo drains, but dish out damage faster.
- No single weapon mod should out-perform skilled weapon-switch combos.

- Combat Shotgun: Has a faster firing rate, less spread (farther range), deals consistent damage, and can reliably stagger fodder at mid-range.
- Heavy Cannon: Has a faster firing rate and faster projectiles.
- Plasma Rifle: Has a slightly faster firing rate and projectiles deal low area damage on contact.
- Unmaykr: Projectiles deal area damage on contact.
- Full Auto mod: Has a much faster firing rate, less spread (farther range), a shorter transformation time, no longer zooms FOV, and no longer reduces movement speed while firing.
- Micro Missiles mod: Has much higher spread and can destroy weak points.
- Heat Blast mod: Increases the firing rate of the Power Surge mastery and has a shorter primary firing delay after using Heat Blast.
- Microwave Beam mod: Has a slightly faster firing rate and a shorter primary firing delay after using Microwave Beam.
- Remote Detonation mod: Deals consistent damage across the entire explosion radius.
- Mobile Turret mod: Has a faster firing rate, less spread (farther range), a short transformation time, no longer reduces movement speed while firing, and deals additional damage to frontal Pinky armor, Cyber Mancubi, and Doom Hunter sleds.

Strategies to Try Out
- Use the Combat Shotgun base fire to instantly stagger any fodder at moderate range. Since it has less spread, you have to be a little precise in your shots.
- The increase in firing rate and projectile speed for the Heavy Cannon makes landing head shots and activating Primary Charger easier.
- The Plasma Rifle can more quickly destroy shields. Its base fire also deals a small amount of area damage, which is excellent against groups of fodder.
- The area damage from the Unmakyr is surprisingly powerful against clusters of heavies and super-heavies. Even if you miss, you would deal the same amount of damage in an area that the Unmaykr normally would. A side-effect of this addition makes destroying the armor of an Armored Baron faster. It would take around 20 shots instead of 100.
- Full Auto is a more reliable finisher, since it no longer impairs your FOV and movement speed. You can also weapon switch faster after using Full Auto. The stagger reliability from the Combat Shotgun carries over to the Full Auto mod.
- The increased spread for the Micro Missiles makes it easier to clear out groups of fodder from a distance. The missiles naturally stick to larger enemies, which makes destroying their weapon points easier. You can consistently activate Primary Charger while using Micro Missiles then primary fire before an enemy dies because of the delayed explosion. You see a little bit of that in the video showcase.
- Heat Blast itself was not changed, but the increased firing rate of the Plasma Rifle base fire and Power Surge makes Heat Blast charge faster. After using Heatblast, the primary firing delay is much shorter. You can consistently cycle between Heat Blast and Power Surge to deal a lot of damage, but drain a lot of ammo.
- Stun-lock combos from the Microwave Beam mod is unchanged. The faster firing rate allowing you to kill spirits and other enemies faster, especially fodder.
- You do not have to be very accurate regarding the Remote Detonation explosion. Although the outer edges would only falter enemies, the damage within any part of the explosion radius should be the same.
- Mobile Turret is the largest ammo drain mod but can reliably falter heavies and super-heavies so long as you are accurate with your shots. If you are out of Blood Punch charges, Mobile Turret can act as a substitute against Pinkies, Cyber Mancubi, and Doom Hunters.

Chainsaw 2pip Sub-Heavy
- Carcasses, Maykr Drones, Prowlers, and Cursed Prowlers now take 2 pips of fuel to chainsaw.
- Compatible with any other option.

Overpowered Mods Nerfs
- Lock-On Missiles: Has a much slower firing rate.
- Energy Shield: Half active shield time, double recharge time, and only protects you from the front.
- Compatible with any other option.

Recommended Mods
It is recommended that you use some form of Chainsaw Savagery mod to compensate for the increase in chainsaw usage.
- Here is one by Elizabethany (1.5x speed, consistent with glory kill speed) - [In Modding Discord]
- Here is one by Dukerambo666 (2x speed)

Some mods used in consideration for testing
- Challenge Restored -> By Konvaz & UberCringe
- Stone Imp Armor Drops -> By Konvaz
- Better Marauders -> By furb246 & PowerBall253, Updated by UberCringe [In Kaiserpalast]
- Non-bullshit Custom Master Levels -> By any competent modder.

If you are burning all your ammo with each weapon mod before chainsawing enemies, you are not utilizing this mod correctly.

Incompatible with mods that affects weapon stats, player projectiles, upgrades, or gore behavior. This includes Viewmodel FOV mods.

Custom strings are included in the arsenal upgrade and codex menus, to better communicate some of the changes.

We are open to feedback & suggestions. No damage or ammo buffs allowed.

We have noticed that there is an issue with the Chaingun Mobile Turret mod. Sometimes, when the weapon mod is firing, it will consume ammo but it would not fire any projectiles (no damage is being dealt). This apparently only occurs in the Immora level, specifically the Low City area. This bug also occurs in vanilla, but it probably triggers more often with this mod installed.