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A Hellish recolor of the Crucible, inspired by the Doom Eternal Key Art.

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This is a Hellish recolor of the Slayer's Crucible, based on the Doom Eternal Key Art. While the Crucible is seemingly identical in that image, I thought the lighting was interesting and made for a really nice red and orange color combination, so I set out to try and replicate it.

Its name and its color were both also inspired by a concept I had long ago of Doomguy becoming the Dark Lord after defeating him in combat.

Also available is an alternate fully red version, inspired by Squidoodoo's Crucible Colors. This version was made while experimenting with different colors for the Crucible, and I thought it would be nice for people who want a Crucible recolor that is mostly faithful to the original. Goes perfectly with UberCringe's Edgy Pickups and Highlights as well as the Edgy preset from their Custom UI Color Pack. Slayer skin pictured in the alternate red design images is the Masked Angel of Death by Kara.

The images for the Key Art Crucible lack ambient lighting - this was fixed recently, so it will have ambient lighting in-game. Due to file changes in Update 6, the Crucibles look much more opaque and saturated than they did before. I will try to update as soon as it is better understood how these files affect the weapon, but until then they will unfortunately look different than they used to. :(

Crucibles have been (mostly) restored! A new variant, Hellforged, has been added, based on the bugged Key Art Crucible when Update 6 dropped. Seeing as it looked much more like the key art design than the main file, I figured it would be nice to keep it up, rebranding the Hellfire Blade itself as a design inspired by the key art rather than identical to it like the new Hellforged variant.


Installation Instructions (Windows & Steam, paraphrased from the Discord channel):

1) Download archive from the Doom 2016+ Modding Discord server here, and extract its contents to your DOOM Eternal installation's root directory, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\. 

These are all the files you should end up with.



2) Download Key Art Crucible.zipAlternate Red, or Hellforged  and simply place it in your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder. Do not extract the zip folder into the mod folder. Do not place both in the folder at the same time, as this may break something.

3) Run EternalModInjector.bat. The mod should now work!


Removal Instructions (Windows & Steam)

1) Remove Key Art Crucible.zipAlternate Red, or Hellforged from your /DOOMEternal/Mods/ folder.

2) Run EternalModInjector.bat again.

3) The mod should now be removed!


Have fun!