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Adds to the challenge by increasing chainsaw fuel regen time, or eliminating regen altogether.

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Adds to the challenge by increasing chainsaw fuel regen time, or eliminating regen altogether. This change will make you conserve your ammo and switch weapons more often. 

Two versions available :

  1. Longer fuel regen_30 : Fuel regen increased from 20 seconds to 30.
  2. Longer fuel regen_45 : Fuel regen increased from 20 seconds to 45.
  3. No fuel regen : Self explanatory.

Notes :

"No fuel regen" version is only recommended on base campaign, as master levels (currently just Super Gore Nest) and DLC : The Ancient Gods Part 1 require lots of chainsawing and certain parts may be very difficult if not impossible without fuel regenerating (same applies to Proteh's horde modes). DLC : The Ancient Gods Part 2 is not tested with this version. There is more than enough ammo / fuel in the base campaign that this version can be used on nightmare without you ever running out of ammo.

Installation :

  1. Download the latest version of DoomModInjector, and place it in your DOOMEternal install directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\).  Join the Doom 2016+ Modding Discord server to stay up-to-date on each new release (each game update will require a updated injector, and potentially updated mods) and for troubleshooting assistance.
  2. Download and place it within your Mods folder within your install directory (included with DoomModInjector)
  3. Run EternalModInjector.bat, the game will launch automatically
  4. From now on you can launch the game normally as long as the game doesn't update!

Updating with mods :

  1. Anytime that Doom Eternal updates, you will need a new version of DoomModInjector, and potentially new versions of any mods that you use.  Make sure that you have the latest versions of everything, or you will encounter problems!
  2. Delete or move all mod files from your Mods folder and run EternalModInjector.bat
  3. Verify your game files and confirm that the game launches and runs without issue
  4. Open DoomModInjector.dat and change ":RESET_BACKUPS=0" to ":RESET_BACKUPS=1"
  5. Install updated mods like usual (Place in Mods folder, run EternalModInjector.bat)

Removal :

Simply delete or move from your Mods folder and run EternalModInjector.bat again