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This mod restores many enemy behaviors that were nerfed post-launch. An additional file comes with a rebalancing of the DLC AI, which aims to encourage more creative play.

Permissions and credits
Here are the separate files for each Demon that was changed.

For DOOM Eternal version 6.4

Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:
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Recommended Mods to use
- Original TAG1 -> by PowerBall253
- No More Stagger Effects -> by FRoland
- Underused Weapons Buffs -> by Konvaz & UberCringe

The following by Konvaz:
- Dark Lord Rework
- Forged Hammer or Ravager Hammer
- Superheavy Ice Bomb Reductions
- Tyrant Rocket Buff
- Stone Imp Armor Drops

Version Summaries
- Challenge Restored: Mostly faithful AI restoration.
- DLC Demon Balance Changes: Balance changes for DLC2 demons.

Both files are compatible with each other, but Challenge Restored would overwrite any changes that would conflict.

Challenge Restored
- Arachnotrons: Turret behavior is restored.
- Blood Maykrs: Major attacks damage, head hit-box, & attack windows are restored.
- Cursed Prowlers: Getting cursed no longer gives you 1 free Blood Punch charge.
- Dark Lord (Discontinued): Healing penalty should be  restored.
- Doom Hunter Bosses: Can no longer be frozen by the Ice Bomb, although the FX still remain (because IDK where to find them).
- Marauder (Discontinued): Their faltering behavior should be more consistent with Update 5 (although not 100% faithful).
- Trial of Maligog: Projectile damage & projectile speed are restored. No longer drops resources. Resistances & eye hit-box are not restored (because IDK where to find them).
- Turrets: Their hiding behavior is restored.
- Spirits: Health & possession speed are restored.

TAG2 Demon Tweaks (Personal Tweaks by Konvaz)

- Armored Barons: Armor is weak to the Unmaykr, their weakpoint can be consistent broken if buffed, their leap attack activates faster.
- Cursed Prowlers: Can be faltered and stunned by the BFG/Hammer while the player is cursed, the curse filter is less intrusive.
- Dark Lord: Sword strikes are faster, his shield dashes are slightly slower (meant to make this mod compatible with the Dark Lord Master Level).
- Demonic Troopers: More accurate, fire faster, & fire from a farther distance.
- Mancubi: Death explosions no longer damage Screechers.
- Riot Soldiers: Stagger from explosives, have a smaller shield degree length (easier to damage them), their shield bash attack temporarily snares the player, have additional firing spread.
- Screechers: Demons given the Screecher Buff can now be faltered, but are given a slight damage boost to supplement this.
- Stone Imps: Are also weak to Mobile Turret, Micro Missiles, Heat Blast, and Destroyer Blade (1 pip for D-Blade staggers Stone Imps).

DLC Demon Balance Changes (Reworked)
- Arachnotrons: Slightly faster & more accurate turret projectiles.
- Armored Barons: Shorter attack windows on higher difficulties & their armor is vulnerable against the Unmaykr.
- Blood Maykrs: Shorter attack windows on higher difficulties. Each shot from the Heat
Blast mastery (Power Surge) now disables their shielding for 2 seconds.
- Cursed Prowlers: The curse effect is visually less obtrusive, it no longer gives you 1 free Blood Punch charge, & you can glory kill the Cursed Prowler who cursed you.
- Dark Lord: Melee attacks are faster.
- Demonic Troopers: More accurate, fire faster, & fire from a farther distance.
- Turrets: They will hide for a shorter delay after you shoot them.
- Riot Soldiers: More resistant to explosives, their shield bash temporarily stuns you, & their projectiles are slightly faster.
- Spirits: Possess demons slightly faster & their possessed resistances are consistent (less resistant to underused weapons).
- Stone Imps: More vulnerable to the Mobile Turret, they cannot be burned, but they drop armor on death.

Useful Strategies
- Although Riot Soldiers are more resistant to explosives, you can still use them to falter the demon and snipe their openings with another weapon. Explosives include Sticky Bombs, Remote Detonate, and Frag Grenades. Faltering them with the Energy Shield Bash then using a precision weapon is another effective way to take them out.
- Since Riot Soldiers are slow to turn, you can out maneuver them (by dashing or Meathooking into the air). You can use the Microwave Beam to stun and kill them while in the air, creating a small explosion that will falter nearby fodder.
- A fully charged Destroyer Blade will instantly put a Blood Maykr into a stagger state when aimed at its head when conducting a major attack. Use this strategy if you are having trouble aiming at their head.

We are open to feedback. Leave a message here or DM us (Konvaz or UberCringe) on Discord if you feel like there should be more changes.

Additional Credits
Daeker - Assisted with balancing, ideas, and provided some useful strategies.
- Restored the Arachnotron's turret behavior. Originally created tweaks for Cursed Prowlers & Riot Soldiers.
Konvaz - Scaled some of the enemy attack windows or animation by difficulty. Modified Cursed Prowlers, Demonic Troopers, Riot Soldiers, & Stone Imps.
UberCringe (me) - Everything else.