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This mod replaces the base 2016 Praetor skin for something a little fancier, but not TOO fancy.

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This replaces the 2016 Praetor skin with my special Gold-Carbon variant. There are two files included
v1.0 = Gold-Carbon suit with red lights
v1.1 = Gold-Carbon suit with no lights
Pictures of both variants have been included.

*note* V1.0 uses the DEFAULT skin's helmet bloom file, so using V1.0 will cause your default slayer skin to have weird red splotches on his helmet. If you don't want this, simply don't have the mod installed when you wish to use the default slayer skin (but lets be honest, if you're downloading a skin it's because you don't want to use the default)

*also note* Due to this skin replacing the 2016 Praetor skin and not the default skin, you will still need to unlock the 2016 Praetor skin from the Fortress of Doom, if you haven't already. I'm sure there's probably a mod you can find that will negate this requirement, but I don't know what that mod is, and don't have any links for any here.
How to use:
1). Follow the guide in the "eternal-faq" server of the Doom Mods discord server.
2). Download DEternal_patchManifest.exe and place it inside the "base" folder found inside the main DOOMEternal folder
3). Run DEternal_patchManifest.exe. A file titled "build-manifest.bin.bck should appear in your base folder
4). Download the zip and put the zip in your Mods folder
5). run the EternalModInjector.dat
6). Play DOOM Eternal

I am not responsible for any issues that may occur while using this mod.