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A collection of tweaks made with fun, variety and experimentation in mind..

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- Melee attacks now deal damage!!! Enemies can now be killed by melee attacks.
- Various weapons/mods previously untouched now buffed to match weapons listed below.
- Further Plasma Rifle buffs including slight damage buff and better area of effect.
- Shotgun increased damage.
- Assault Rifle increased damage.
- Flamebelch armor drop and standard ammo pickups buffed.

This overhaul is an attempt to add a bit of fun, variety and experimentation to the game.


Melee attacks can now kill enemies. Small enemies die in few hits, big enemies will need some chopping down.
Assault Rifle - Slower firing rate with increased damage so you can waste less ammo and retain accuracy.
Plasma Rifle - Transformed into a semi-automatic rifle to accommodate for lack of pistol and provide variety to arsenal.
Chaingun - Faster rate of fire.
Shotgun - Moderately faster rate of fire, increased damage.
Double Barrel - Increased damage.
 - Alternate firing modes of most weapons listed above buffed.
Various other weapons/mods buffed in damage.

- Many weapon upgrade costs reduced, the faster you unlock skills the faster you can experiment with them in the sandbox.
- Ammo capacity upgrades increased roughly 50%, more shooting less looting.
- Armor capacity upgrades increased to 50 (25 originally), buffed because most people skip this upgrade.
- Armor pickups buffed while Ammo pickups more common.
- Height of double jump slightly increased, amazing when paired with air control.

- Attempted to make enemies reaction time faster on Hard to match Nightmare (not tested).

- This is a bit involved.. try the discord server here to setup your game for mods
The mod page here also has very clear instructions: