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This mod aims to be a better implementation of the Arsenal Renewal mod I already posted. As the first implementation wasn't the greatest of the ideas, i decided to revert some changes and to make things a bit harder for who wants a higher challenge in the game.

Permissions and credits
I do Invite you to read the changes, this time i tried to keep it simpler although the changes are quite many.


- Nothing changed unlike the first mod.

Health and Armor
- Now the max amount of armor is 90, health is 140.
- Unlocking the perks that give blood punch charges on lootdrops will increase armor and health by 60.
- Health lootdrop value changes from 5 to 2, 1 when in overhealth.
- Armor loodrop value changes from 2 to 1, 2 when in overarmor.
- Bloodpunch refills changes accordingly.
- Changed the amount of health dropped per demon.
- Pick ups value changed.

Air control is nerfed. you can still 360 and strafe in air but you need to use mouse movement as well now.
Equipment Fiend is buffed.
Blood Fueled lasts for longer but takes slightly more to charge and gives less speed.
Chrono Strike slightly slows down time, reduce by half the time to charge weapons and has some minor changes to it.
Punch and Weave adds 100 damage to blood punch and gives more health.
Loot pick up radius reduced.

- The player jumps slightly higher ( to compensate the air control nerf).
- Rocket Jumping is available both from primary and remote detonation.
- Meathook is available more often, pulls slightly faster and has a longer range

Flame Belch

- Cooldown halved from 24 to 12 seconds and from 12 to 6 seconds when upgraded.
- damage per tick 25, total damage 150.

Heavy Cannon
- Shoots 3 bullets in a triangle shaped spread.
- Damage changed per enemy.
- Takes 3 ammos per shot.

Precision Bolt
- Has 2 charges.
- Damage is headshot focused.
- The first perk increases headshot damage, the second per increases fire rate.
- The mastery now applies the explosion on pre-death headshot.
- Damage Changed per enemy.

Micro Missiles
- Damage increased and changed per enemy.
- Lower detonation time.
- Faster projectiles.
- Consumes 3 ammos per shot.

Combat Shotgun
- Spread lowered and (vertical oriented).
- Damage Increased and changed per enemy.
- Falloff range almost null.

Triple Burst (Full Auto replacement)
- Shoots a max of 3 shells before going in cooldown.
- Damage Increased and changed per enemy.
- Has a limited range of 20m.
- Has a fixed spread and is less accurate than the combat Shotgun.
- Alternating it with other weapons makes it shoot faster.
- Fire rate Increased.

Sticky Bombs
Damage Increased and changed by enemy.

Plasma Cannon (Plasma Rifle replacement)

- Now consumes 50 cells per shot.
- Sets enemies on fire dealing damage over time (doesn't drop armor).
- Deals massive damage and damage changed per enemy.
- Has a 5 seconds cooldown (can be used for more quick swapping).
- The projectile is bigger.

Microwave Beam
- Deals slightly more damage except for the blue spirit.

Heat Blast
- Takes less shot to charge Up.
- The mastery shoots an even bigger projectile which deals more damage ( can be shot a bit after the heat blast).

Rocket Launcher
- Explosion damage nerfed.
- Direct hit damage Buffed.
- Aoe radius reduced to 3m.
- Can now Rocket jump vertically.

Remote Detonation
- Damage increased and changed per enemy.
- The second perk generated an explosion that sets enemies on fire and deals damage over time in a 8m radius.
- Change be used to Rocket Jump (mainly horizontally).

Lock On burst
- Damage nerfed and Changed per enemy.

Gauss Rifle
- Damage changed per enemy.

Super Shotgun
- Has a fixed spread pattern.
- Consumes 3 shells per shot.
- Damage changed per enemy.
- Is more precise.
- Meathook is faster, recharges 600ms quicker with the proper perk and has a longer range (25m -> 32.5m).
- Meathook won't be usable when shells are 0.

- Charges faster
- Damage changed per enemy (Still oneshots cacodemons).
- Has 3 charges.
- Has a cooldown of 7s.
- Consumes 50 ammos per shot.
- Master allows to shoots 3 arrows rapidly if enemies is hit subsequently.

Destroyer Blade
- Damage reduced from 3000 to 1250.
- Charges rapidly when the proper perk is unlocked.
- Horizontal size reduced.
- Consumes 75 ammos per shot.

- Damage Increased and changed per enemy.
- Fire rate increased.

Mobile Turret
- Now is activated by holding Right Click.
- Has a bigger spread.
- Has higher fire rate.
- Deals more damage in less time.
- Consumes 3 ammos per shot.

This should be it, if you have any question or feedback let me know with a post.