Doom II: Hell on Earth

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10 Maps I have made back in 2007-2012 just for fun.

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A mod mainly meant to be a map remake wad for my old maps I´ve made back then for Doom Legacy v4.4.2 port.

BALLERN is a german slang for "Shoot ´em up!" because that´s basically what you do. Okay and there are some keys for doors to collect....
Due to its vanilla nature it should be possible to combine it with other mods like adding a flashlight or brutal Doom.

The mod consists of 10 maps I have put together from the years 2007-2012

Maps Design: Warchild
Alternate monster death sprites: taken from Realm 667 website
alternate deaths and damage types decorate code : Warchild
Weapons sprites: see wad files. I did not do any of these
Weapons decorate code: warchild
This mapset was released: January 23th 2021
Maps are kept in their original state. Minor changes were only made for proper playability.

This mod is just for a fun run when bored and won´t be changed.

I will create a 2022 remake though called Ballern2022. Stay tuned if interested. There will be huge differences in mapping skills.