Doom (1993)
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Gain Health from Kills with Fists or Chainsaw.

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Gain Health from Kills with Fists or Chainsaw.

You gain 66.6% of the Targets Max Health when it dies.

Has support for Brutal Doom.

Limitations :
Currently dunno of anyway to get the actual weapon that got the last hit, which means that shooting a rocket and then switching to a valid weapon would still grant you the health.
Can't say how it might or might not work in multiplayer.

Known Bugs :
Sometimes the printed Health in the log doesn't match up with gained health, no idea why this happens.

Installation :
Add it to your gzdoom-USERNAME.ini file.
Rename the zip file to "Vampires Melee.pk3"(nexus doesn't allow pk3 file formats) and place it into the folder where gzdoom.exe is located.

Like so :
Path=Vampires Melee.pk3

If you're getting odd issues with other mods try placing this mod before those in the above list.