Doom (1993)
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Dedicated multiplayer Deathmatch map for Doom. Special version specificly tailored for stricter non-ZDoom versions such as Crispy-Doom, DSDA-Doom, DOOM Retro, PRBoom, Woof and others.

Replaces E3M1.

Permissions and credits
The compatible version of Variations 1-21 is identical to the version released for ZDoom in 2022, though build entirely from scratch and specificly tailored for the stricter, non-ZDoom ports available. If the original version did not work for a specific port, this version will. A complete overview of tested ports is listed below.

Developed using DETH in DOSbox, followed by Eureka when DETH gave a memory error. This resulted in a more native storage in the WAD file and preventing the "Doom in Hexen" error certain ports would give, such as PrBoom+ and DOOMretro. The compatible version replaces E3M1.

For more information about this map, see the webpage and various threads on the Doom related forums where I have posted this release and are active on.

Ports tested

The following ports were known to have issues with the original version.
    - Crispy-Doom (v5.10.3)
    - DSDA-Doom (v0.21.3)
    - DOOM Retro (v4.2.3)
    - PRBoom-Plus (v2.6.1um)
    - Woof! (v7.0.0)
    - ZDaemon (v1.10.19)

The following ports support both the original and the compatible versions:
    - GZdoom (v4.6.1)
    - LZdoom (v3.88a)
    - Zandronum (v3.0)
    - ZDoom (v2.8.1)

This version is NOT supported by Chocolate Doom.

* Copyright / Permissions *

- Authors MAY use portions of this map as a base to build additional levels and/or to include into their map(s), as long as
  proper credit is given.
- You MAY distribute this WAD in its original packed archive, provided you include this file, with no modifications.
- You may distribute the packed archive in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.