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Hardermode Rebalance is a deep rebalance project for Don't Starve Together with the goal to create an improved player experience in a significantly harsher world.

Hardermode Rebalance is currently on Hiatus. More information can be found on the Steam Group.

Permissions and credits
Here are some of the highlights.

  • A deep rebalance of a majority of the game's mechanics for a harder and enhanced Survival experience.
  • Performance improvements, most notable for worlds lasting hundreds of days.
  • Anti griefing changes to reduce the negative influence of malevolent players.
  • Character rebalances. Every character should be a unique, strong contributor to a groups survival without making survival trivial. Except for Wes of course.

A Harder environment

  • All food sources have received nerfs with the Bunny, Pig and Merm huts receiving a large blow. Most crockpot dishes spoil far faster and starving kills far quicker. Wet food and Summer's sweltering heat spoil food even faster. Starving should be a serious threat.
  • Nearly all buildings are much more expensive to craft and can now be destroyed by all monsters. Bases are far less permanent.
  • Many mobs have more health, deal more damage, move faster, have a larger attack range, attack faster and regenerate health along with other strengths; the kiting patterns that have been perfected since 2012 won't work here; combat is far more strategic and deadly.
  • Nightmare's are much stronger and do not restore sanity on kill. Many sanity sources drain more with positive sources restoring less. The sanity station has been nerfed to uselessness. Being insane should be deadly.
  • The environment is harsher, extreme temperatures kill quickly, lightning hits very hard, earthquakes are devestating, water drains more sanity and hastens spoilage faster and meteor showers are a deadly armageddon. The world should be unforgiving in an effort to kill you.

A rebalanced experience

  • Nearly every dress item has received changes. Dress hats are far weaker with dress body items being stronger. The Tam o Shanter, Eyebrella and Krampus sack are no longer the best gear. Every dress item now has unique strengths opening up many new alternative playstyles.
  • Hunt animals give more loot and Steel Wool is used to craft a sewing kit. This encourages players lacking resources to clear servers of these unwanted monsters as they can be deadly to a newly spawned player.
  • Mechanics that don't work well on public dedicated servers have been tweaked to be more friendly to pubs. You shouldn't get punished just because you can't dedicate 24 hours of your day to the game.
  • Summer has received a major overhaul emphasizing Antlion and Spoilage as primary seasonal dangers while toning down Overheating and Wildfire's. Summer should feel far more unique from other seasons, particuarly Winter, while presenting its own unique danger.
  • Various bugs that have not been officially fixed due to altering the balance of the game have been patched. Many spoilable items can be placed into an icebox, withered plants properly regenerate in cool climates, some characters abilities designed in 2013 have been updated to reflect new mechanics introduced years later and other minor fixes.

Performance improvements

  • Items on the ground cause significantly more performance issues that items in a chest. Chests, Minisigns and Feathered pencils are cheaper enticing players to use these for storage.
  • Items on the ground spoil significantly faster and many frequently abandoned items now spoil or are consumable by monsters cleaning the ground of unwanted items while greatly improving performance of all worlds.
  • Frog rain is capped at 75 frogs to help reduce the negative performance impact this event can cause.
  • Spider dens and Beefalo spread slower to help improve general long term world performance.

Less effective griefing

  • Limited world objects are now indestructible. Prevously unrenewable items now have other methods to be obtained. You shouldn't have to use console commands to replenish valuable finite resources that were intentionally destroyed.
  • Webber no longer starts with a spiderden. Spawncamping dens are not a pleasant introduction to a server.
  • Willow no longer starts with a lighter. Torches are cheap but this should encourage players to be friendlier to a newly spawned Willow.

An improved playable cast
The world may be harsher but our cast have received new powers to aid their survival. Characters have also received tweaks and new abilities.

  • Wilson's hunger drains a bit slower and he can craft Spore's.
  • Willow has her fire immunity restored and insanity freezing removed! Her lighter is chearper, usable by everyone, and she now has resistance to Summer's sweltering heat. Her sanity trait now applies to food.
  • Wolfgang's stats are now fixed, his sanity drains quicker, now applies to player ghosts, and he has access to unique craftables helping a group make certain crock pot recipies.
  • Wendy's sanity drains a bit slower, applies to player ghosts, and abigail is stronger but her flower spoils when idle. She now has unique flower based recipies and can no longer create powerful sanity stations.
  • WX78's downsides are much greater. He no longer dries off unless near a source of heat, loses all sanity from lightning and gaining no health, takes more damage from time based sources, is no longer immune to freezing while overcharged and has half innate resistance to heat. Lastly he has lower stats and drops no gears on death. WX has however gained the ability to synthesize various objects providing his group much more flexability.
  • Wickerbottom's books have been toned down significantly and are now usable by everyone. She has lower stats and her food penalty is greater. She has gained the ability to identify seeds and gets extra sanity from consumable and wearable items.
  • Woodie is now a significantly better lumberjack. His beaver form is a better combatant and he can consume charcoal to turn into a beaver. Lucy now grants a minor speed buff and is waterproof.
  • Wes now starts with a mosquito sack and his balloon craftable is cheaper.
  • Maxwell gets slightly greater sanity regen and his singleplayer sword and armor. His shadows only cost nightmare fuel, have a different sanity cost, and duelists have damage resistance along with significantly slower health regen. He can also summon three duelists at once. Maxwell has greater sanity drain from player ghosts.
  • Wigfrid's combat bonuses are stronger but apply to time based damage at a reduced rate. Her helm is stronger and costs more.
  • Webber no longer starts with his den and it is a bit more expensive. He can now craft a spider hat giving his allies a bit more control over his spider friends. He also gets a bit more nutrition out of food and takes less damage from starving.
  • Winona has received a modest rework emphasising her personality and character. She now has her indomitable spirit and disdain of fashion reflected in game having higher health but gaining no sanity from dress items. She fully knows Charlies moves and can craft various objects with her tape.

Steam Version

Hardermode Rebalance can be downloaded on the Steam Workshop. I would suggest using the Steam Workshop version if you are able to. The nexusmods version is intended for those who are unable to access the Steam workshop as the Steam Community is blocked in some jurisdictions.

Full changelist

You can find the full changelog  of the project here.

Hardermode Steam Group and official server

Interested in more information? The Don't Starve Hardermode group where you can get information on the official server and various development insights about the project.