Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition
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Tired of empty containers? Killed a boss and all you got for it was a crappy T-shirt... of chainmail? RNGsus not answering your prayers?
Then this mod is for you!

Permissions and credits
I've made this mod several times over the years; each time I go back to Divinity I remake it.  This time I've decided to upload it!

Being something of a perfectionist, it always irked me knowing a random number generator was the only thing standing between me and phat lootz so I corrected that while still keeping the game "fair."  My guiding principle is that any loot result in my mod would be possible to replicate in an unmodded game if you were to reroll saves long enough.  My mod just makes those high / rare rolls the default behavior.

What does it do, specifically?
  • No empty containers!  All chances for "no loot" have been removed except for the "Empty" TreasureTable, so a container would have to literally be hard-coded to be "Empty" for it to contain no loot
  • If it has a chance to drop, it WILL drop, EVERY time!  Each drop chance is defined differently, but as an example a Bee Hive has a 1 in 10 chance of having one(1) magic ring -or- amulet -and / or- a 1 in 5 chance of having some gold in it.  With my mod, each roll becomes a 100% chance, but WHAT item and HOW MUCH gold you receive will still be random - as for why such things can be found in beehives... I have no idea.  The most noticeable effect of this: at ~level 19 unique items start dropping at a 1 in 30 chance; with my mod you'll still have to wait, but afterwards anytime a unique could drop, it will drop until you catch them all!
  • Maximum vendor variety.  If a vendor could sell eg 15 to 20 assorted cheeses (or w/e) - with my mod he will always roll the maximum amount possible in an unmodded game; for this example, 20.  In otherwords, vendors will always have the widest possible selection to choose from.
  • Higher quality loot, making it easier to find those rare Epic+ weapons and armor!  Anywhere there was a chance for eg a crappy weapon vs a legendary one (or armor, or even just a better version one) the higher quality drop chance becomes the default.  So if a chest or vendor had a chance to offer something better, with my mod now they always will.  Just keep in mind; your level will still limit WHAT loot you have access to.  Demons and Death Knights will always drop Epic+ items.
  • Rebalanced Lucky Charm percentages so a higher level now always means better loot.  You have to do some math to see this one, but the gist is that some percentages were... weird, and so might've made certain tiers of the skill better than later ones, I just smoothed out the oddities to make them follow logical percentage curves while making as few alterations as possible.  The screenshot shows the exact changes.
  • OPTIONAL: 100% Lucky Charm proc chance - optional because while it could theoretically proc on each and every container... actually doing so seems a bit... unbalanced.

  1. Drag and drop the "Public" folder into \Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Data
  2. "Yes" to merge if there is already one there
  3. Activate it in-game and you are good to go

Some Overhauls also edit this file (there is only one) if you get an overwrite warning you'll have to decide which mod you like more (mine is the correct answer, obviously)

Future Plans:
I might look into doing something like this for crafting results too, I've never edited those tho so I'd have to figure out where they live first. 
If you know, leave a comment.

I recommend using this mod with a higher difficulty setting (or mod) to balance things out.
Changes require a new game, its just how Larian designed the engine it seems.

PS. If anyone knows how to get rid of that error message, plz let me know!