Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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This mod adds 27 extra Hydrosophist skills to the game. This gives Hydro some stronger damage, debilitating and supportive options.

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What does it do?
Hydrosophist Expanded aims to increase the available roster of Hydrosophist spells in the game. Currently it adds 10 damaging, 8 debilitating and 9 support spells for a grand total of 27 extra available spells. With this a Hydrosophist can be a competent damage dealer, a heavy disruptorĀ and a great supporter. The skills are mostly designed to be close to vanilla spells. There are not a lot of new fancy mechanics and such, just skills you could expect to see in the base game.

Available skills
All added skills can be found in a spreadsheet here. At the moment links to Google Docs are flagged as malicious by steam, however you can just copy the url. Just be sure to click on the Hydro tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Spells from this mod are sold by trader Diana. She can be found in places such as Fort Joy, Lady Vengeance and Arx. Explore a bit and you will find her.

Additional notes
As it stands this mod is pretty much complete in my eyes. However this is my biggest mod yet so i am bound to have screwed up something somewhere. Feedback on this mod is of course always appreciated. If i hear about any bugs i will of course try to fix them. Balancing issues will also be addressed.