Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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Makes "Spread Your Wings", "Spider Legs" and "Bull Horns" toggleable and have infinite duration, optional files for more polymorph toggles(likely unbalanced). For Definitive Edition

Permissions and credits
Makes "Spread Your Wings", "Spider Legs" and "Bull Horns" have infinite duration. Also adds skills that removes them, given in the same way that
their connected skill is added on use(aka Wings normally only add
"Flight" skill. Now it adds the cancel skill AND Flight automatically
when Wings are used).

For Definitive Edition

There are several files that work independently of each other/main file(didn't want to make a mod for each and every one):
  •  "Toggle Polymorph Skins" file does the same as main file, but rather affects the elemental skins(likely unbalanced).
  •  "Toggle Polymorph Buffs" file does the same as main file, but rather affects
  • the Chameleon Cloak, Heart of Steel and Medusa Head(highly unbalanced).
  •  "Toggle Apotheosis Skins" file does the same as main file, but rather affects
  • Apotheosis, this is pretty much a cheat balancewise.
    Currently untested as I don't have a lategame DE save.


Alternate file with only halved cooldown such that it needs to be refreshed every
third/fourth turn, is only a number tweak and such does
not contain the toggles. This will not work with main file as they modify same skill data.

Alternate file PlayerOnly file overwrites the enemy versions of shouts mentioned
below to their vanilla values meaning only the player has infinite

Alternate file Combined file combines everything except the halved CD version into a single mod for reduced mod slots/texture atlas used for those wanting several of them at once.


For checking mod compatibility
SkillData affected:
  • Main file: Shout_Wings, Shout_BullHorns, Shout_SpiderLegs
  • Skins file: Shout_FlamingSkin, Shout_IceSkin, Shout_JellyfishSkin, Shout_PoisonousSkin
  • Buffs file: Shout_ChameleonSkin, Shout_MedusaHead, Shout_SteelSkin
  • Apotheosis file: Shout_Apotheosis
  • PlayerOnly file: Shout_EnemyChameleonSkin, Shout_EnemyChameleonSkin_PurgedDaughter, Shout_EnemyBullHorns, Shout_EnemyFlamingSkin, Shout_EnemyIceSkin, Shout_EnemyJellyfishSkin, Shout_EnemyMedusaHead, Shout_EnemyPoisonousSkin, Shout_EnemySpiderLegs, Shout_EnemySteelSkin, Shout_EnemyWings
  • Halved CD: Shout_Wings, Shout_BullHorns, Shout_SpiderLegs
StatusData affected:
  • Main file Consume: SPIDER_LEGS, HORNS  Floating: WINGS Invisible: INVISIBLE
  • Buffs file Consume: MEDUSA_HEAD
  • Apotheosis  Consume: APOTHEOSIS