Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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A portable version of the respec mirror located on the ground near the Fort Joy - Beach waypoint that can be used on the go! It has the same limitations as the original mirror so no more then 1 person can use a mirror at a time and it cannot be used in combat.

Permissions and credits
Looking for the Classic Edition version? https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsin2/mods/413
Looking for this version on the Steam Workshop? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1507233042

Out looting? Need Lucky Charm. In town selling? Need Bartering. Trying to pass a persuasion check? Need Persuasion. Trying to talk to a squirrel? Need Pet Pal. All of these trips start stacking up over the course of a campaign and can get fairly annoying if you care enough to actually respec for all of these. So, wouldn't it be really useful if you could carry around the respec mirror in your pocket?

The purpose of this mod is just that, to add these portable mirrors (4 of them) into the world for your use. The mirror itself can be used while still placed on the ground or picked up and used like any other item (such as a Teleporter Pyramid). The mirror cannot be used in combat, and like the original game only a single character at a time can be in the respec menu. After using the mirror, the character will be teleported back to the location they originally were before using the mirror. This version places the mirrors on the ground near the Fort Joy - Beach waypoint.

Links to the Other Versions:
* The Lady Vengeance Location: https://www.nexusmods.com/divinityoriginalsin2definitiveedition/mods/49

* This mod uses its own scripts and root template to achieve what it does as to avoid conflicts. Anything that messes with the original respec mirror or the character creation event might cause an issue as well as any other mods placing objects where the mirrors are placed.
* I tried to make this in a way so that it should be compatible with the original Portable Respec Mirror mod.

Known Issues:
* Any issues that occur with using a respec mirror in general. Especially those present in Act 1, so it is highly recommended to use the official Larian mod. You can also get the Fort Joy Respec - Definitive Edition mod (or something similiar) but it is no longer being supported so you might have issues.
* White/Black player icons/portrait after respec is NOT and issue with this mod but with respec in general. Look up "divinity original sin 2 black portrait" and you will see plenty of posts well before this mod was created.

* Using this mod WILL DISABLE you from being able to earn achievements. Get the Achievements Definitive Edition mod to fix this!
* Always backup your save file before attempting to use a mod, while nothing bad SHOULD happen it doesn't mean it can't.

* Icons created by Lorc at http://game-icons.net, with edits made by me.