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The Definitive Edition of the Tracker Expansion on the Huntsman Abilities

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Are you ready for the Definitive Edition?
Want some new huntsman skill to pair with your new journey?
Ready to return to the world with Thurston, Sleuth, and all your fun skills?

Welcome to Ryuki's "DEFINITIVE Tracker Class Expansion" for the Huntsman class!
This mod adds a ton of extra huntsman skills into the game, as well as a vendor that sells the skills. Thurston loves to be involved in every step of you adventure, so you will see him in many of the main and hub locations, notably Fort Joy, the various decks of the Lady Vengeance, Driftwood, The Nameless Isles, and Arx, making his inventory of skills easy to access and purchase at all times.
These abilities help reduce the need for the arrowheads without removing their viability. The abilities allow you to set many of the game's different status effects while also giving you utility to strip magic armor, summon a couple new companions, and lots more!
If you're so inclined, and wish to subvert the entire purchasing ordeal, a cheat chest to grab all the skills also exists on the dock where you spawn in Fort Joy. 
The mod itself runs well with every type of play through that a huntsman would fit in, and doesn't require specializing in any secondary skills to make effective use of it. Summoning will help with your companion scaling, but is not at all needed to keep them relevant. Most of the skills were play tested in honour mode and work really well in conjunction with other class mods, especially the magic based mods.
I'm always open to suggestions and tweaks if you've got some ideas! If you need to, DM me or add me on steam, I don't mind talking if I'm not busy with one thing or another!

A link here if you would like to leave some feedback on your experience!

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A list of the abilities currently included:

Tier 1 (Starter and basic skills):

  • Bola Shot: Slow/Pin an enemy with a specialized arrow fired from above (Gains high ground like Sky Shot)
  • Rusted Arrow: Fire a specially unkempt arrow, forcing the target to be stuck with Decay/Muting them (Similar to the real life effects of Lockjaw/Tetanus)
  • Murder of Crows: Bleed your targets with a swarm of controlled crows. Being a hunter has its benefits. Can spread to extra nearby targets.
  • Tear Gas: Similar to the scoundrel "Chloroform" skill, but with the added "Suffocation" effect. Intended to help bridge the gap where Huntsman are lacking in magic damage skills outside of arrowheads.

Tier 2 (~Level 2)

  • Summon Sleuth: Summon your wolf companion to assist in battle with various skills and the ability to bleed your foes.
  • Power Stance: Assume a stance that increases your raw damage output while decreasing your accuracy.
  • Weakness Exploit: Exploit a foe's weakness to nullify their resistances and cause them to flee in terror.

Tier 3 (~Level 4)

  • Camouflage: Slip into your surroundings with your superior knowledge of stealth. Sets you as invisible and allows you to move/escape from tight situations.
  • Natural Remedy: First aid, but better. Cleanses more status effects.
  • Pathfinding: Usable in stealth, just like the Cloak and Dagger skill. Using your knowledge in silent movement and avoiding your prey's line-of-sight, you are able to quickly adjust locations to reach more beneficial positions.
  • Boisterous Laugh: Laugh at your target, taunting them into attacking you. Helps your low health tank targets get a turn of reprieve at the cost of your ranger gaining that target’s attention.
  • Acid Arrow: Fire an acid coated arrow on your target, corroding their armor and helping you break that oh-so-annoying Shields Up skill.
  • Concussive Arrow: Fire a small explosive arrow that dazes your target, lowering their ability to act for a few turns.
  • Bear Trap: Toss out a bear trap that will arm in one turn and deals physical damage, and will pin/slow targets who have forgotten their armor.
  • Summon Tasha: Summon your “friendly” bear friend Tasha. She is able to taunt, create herself more physical armor, and create a massive earthquake to control the battlefield in your name.

Tier 4 (~level 6)

  • Summon Vik’Tir: Summon a Fire Salamander companion with 3 abilites. He is able to use Flame Tongues (The animation is left intentionally as a bit of a funny easter egg to things), Fireball, and Supernova, which will heal him quite a bit.
  • Petrifying Trap: Petrifies targets caught in the area if they’ve managed to lose their magic armor. Also creates a small puddle of oil to make combos with.
  • Poison Trap: Explodes in a puddle of poison, doing obvious poison things

Tier 5 (~level 9)

  • Rabid Shot: Your time in the wild has allowed you to harness the otherwise dangerous infections to use in your arsenal. This laced arrow causes enemies to become Infected and Mad temporarily.
  • Suppressive Fire: Fire a volley of 15 arrows, each doing a small amount of damage, but the overall volley overwhelming a foe. This is great for stripping armor off an opponent or abusing high ground for a good salvo of damage. Some of the arrows will occasionally split off and deal extra damage.
  • Pheromone Overload: You are able to take the pheremones from various creatures and create special concoctions that seem to... lure your opponents to be a bit more friendly to your. This is a charm effect that helps you maintain control over the battlefield.
  • Summon Uv'ithrha: 1 source skill- As a master trapper and hunter, you've caught yourself a beautiful specimen, and it seems to have taken a liking to you. You can summon a new, special demon companion.
  • Mass Mark: 2 source skill- Same as the Mark Prey skill, but you are able to target 4 enemies now.
  • Heart Piercer: Your shot is targeted at the oh-so-vital heart of your target. This gains extra damage from stealth, and can kill any target under 15% HP. Pierces foes, great for lining up massive damage.
  • Mass Bear Traps: Toss 4 bear traps, description above.

Tier 6 (~level 13)

  • Ice Trap: Toss a single ice trap, causing a small ice puddle and possibly freezing targets caught in its snare
  • Shock Trap: Stuns targets caught in its maw.
  • Cursed Arrow: Fire an enchanted arrow at your target that turns them into a chicken!
  • Nature’s Barricade: Creates a wall of vines (exactly like Living Wall) that entangles targets near/under it and poisons those targets.

Tier 7 (~level 16)

  • Achilles Heel: 3 source- Fire a powerful, piercing shot that can knock your opponents down, and deals a heavy amount of damage to anyone caught in its path. Applies Ruptured Tendons.
  • Artillery Strike- Fire a cluster of 30 shots, similar to the way Hail Strike works, in a larger circle. These will leave a pool of fire and overwhelm a target’s magic armor.