Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Preserves origin tags when shapeshifting, allowing quests and dialog that look for those tags to work like normal. Also enables dialog for companions who are shapeshifted.

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Annoyed that you can't talk to a companion while they're shapeshifted? How about Fane not being "Fane" while transformed?

Shapeshifting Origin Tags is a simple mod that preserves origin tags when transforming into another race. It also enables companion dialogues, so you can talk to companions while they're shapeshifted.

Also includes LeaderLib mod menu support, for tweaking SOT settings via the settings menu.

  1. Active the mod and load your save.
  2. If your character(s) are already polymorphed, "Revert to Original Form" and shapeshift again.
  3. Success!

  1. "Revert to Original Form" and save the game.
  2. Deactivate Shapeshifting Origin Tags.

  • SOT works by checking for "Origin Tags" when shapeshifting. It then re-applies those tags after you transform.
  • Companion dialog is re-enabled by crafty removal of the "GLO_Polymorphed" flag, which is used to block default dialog, reflection dialog, and party decision dialog. This flag is re-enabled when dialog starts (for dialog that looks for this flag for special nodes), and is cleared again when dialog ends.
  • "GLO_Polymorphed" can be manually re-enabled via the settings menu.

While I have carefully scanned through Larian's scripts and dialog files for potential issues caused by reapplying the Origin tags and removing the "GLO_Polymorphed" flag (and found nothing), doing so may have unforseen side effects.