Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Mod Title: Lohse Dialogue Fix
Game: Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition
Author: minchmods


This mod only affects Lohse's dialogue as a companion. If Lohse is your main character, or if she is absent from your party, this mod will do nothing.


Lohse's dialogue files contain several incorrect flags, which prevent certain dialogue from being accessed. This mod fixes a flag in Lohse's exorcism scene, which enables an extra line of narration if Lohse's attitude toward the main character is at least 30. It also fixes flags in Lohse's Act 2 overworld dialogue, which enables an extra dialogue option after the demon's name has been learned and before the exorcism has taken place.

Steps to access the extra dialogue enabled by this mod (minor spoilers follow):

After learning the demon's name and before beginning the exorcism, speak to Lohse and choose the option about having learned the name of the demon.
When Lohse asks your permission to begin the exorcism, first tell her you aren't sure, and then tell her she's right. Your relationship value with Lohse must be at least 30.

Detailed summary of changes to dialogue files:

--Original Node ID (text)
--Node ID N72 (*She rushes over to you, quickly plants a kiss on your cheek, and dashes off to Jahan.*)
---Changed checked flag "GLO_Relationship_30Plus" from "Group_Players" to "2. Lohse(S_Player_Lohse)"
----Flag now correctly checks Lohse's relationship with the player rather than the player's relationship with themself (which probably doesn't exist)
--Added new local flag "AskedQ15"
--Node ID N176 (*Exclaim that she learned the name of the demon! This is great news!*)
---Changed checked flag "AskedQ6" to "AskedQ15"
----The flag "AskedQ6" is shared with the question about Meistr Siva (Node N253). Assigning this node its own unique numbered flag allows the player to ask Lohse both questions.
---Changed checked flag "GLO_Lohse_KnowDemonName" to "RC_BI_TreeToldDemonName" [ticked; value: "2. GROUP_Players"]
----"GLO_Lohse_KnowDemonName" is a confusingly-named flag that is assigned during Lohse's exorcism rather than when Lohse learns the demon's name. Accordingly, this flag interferes with "GLO_Lohse_TalkedAboutJahanExorcism", which is also assigned during the exorcism - it is impossible for "GLO_Lohse_KnowDemonName" to be false and "GLO_Lohse_TalkedAboutJahanExorcism" to be true, at least at any point when the player can actually talk to Lohse. This change assumes that the intended behavior was to check whether Lohse actually knows the demon's name, which is represented by the flag "RC_BI_TreeToldDemonName"
---Changed set flag "AskedQ6" to "AskedQ15"
----See above


This mod only changes the files "Lohse2.lsj" (which contains Lohse's overworld dialogue for Acts 2-4) and "RC_BF_DemonHunter_COM_Lohse.lsj" (which contains Lohse's dialogue for the exorcism scene) and is compatible with any mod that does not alter these files. Essentially, this mod is compatible with any mod that does not alter Lohse's dialogue.


Place "LohseDialogueFix.pak" in "Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition/Mods"
From the main menu, click "Mods" and check the "Lohse Dialogue Fix" box.