Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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A 100% modular add-on for Conflux and Odinblade Class mods. One, two or all Classes.

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Version:  1.0.4

 This mod uses Norbyte's Script Extender.
Simply extract DXGI.dll file to the same directly as EoCApp.exe for DefEd and you're good to go.

Conflux Odin Library is a fully modular add-on for the Conflux Overhaul mod.

Whether you have one Odin Class enabled or all of them, this mod will automatically detect them, dynamically change tooltips, stat entries and balance tweaks for a cleaner experience. Conflux uses very different Armor/HP scaling than the Vanilla game so some changes are required. Best of all this mod adds cures for many of Odin Class status effects among new and old skills.

Odin Aerothurge
Odin Scoundrel
Odin Pyrokenetic
Odin Huntsman
Odin Geomancer
Odin Hydrosophist
Odin Necromaner
Odin Spectre
Odin Umbra

- This mod still requires the base Odin mods. Load this module after all other Odin mods.
- A full list of changes will be posted here soon.

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