Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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This mod adds 178 Unique items to the game along with 4 Unique Runes. These items don't have a set location or level and can be found from a variety of sources. The items are somewhat like Diablo/ARPG items in that you can find multiple copies of them and most items have an effect that is unique to it.

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Requires Norbytes Script Extender.
This mod adds over 200 Unique items to the game. These items don't have a set location or level, they start dropping at level 5. Items can drop from various loot sources including quests vendors and enemies.

The items are somewhat like Diablo/ARPG items in that you can find multiple copies of them and almost all items have an effect that is unique to it. Pay attention to items description at the bottom as it explains the influence of ability levels on the  item's effects. 

Many Effects have chance to activate based on a roll whose probabilities are determined by stats.

Enemy Effects
 When you equip and item from this mod you will receive the mod book if no one is your party is carrying it. It's also given to you at the start of Fort Joy. The book contains a few crafting recipes specific to items from this mod, a few settings, but it's main use is buffing enemies.  This book can be used to give enemies effects from the items from the mod, over 100 out of the 170. They are applied semi-randomly at the start of combat.

Enemy effects  by default is disabled and can be enabled by increasing/decreasing the first setting in the enemy effects sub menu. I would however recommend turning it on.

There are two add on paks you can download. The first is the vendor patch for anyone who wants to bypass the RNG or just see all the items from the mod in one place. The vendor always stocks all the items from this mod at your level.

The second is the Shadow Realm. Shadow Realm provides some basic endgame content to the DOS2 by adding a kind of infinite arena where you fight randomized enemies. The gameplay loop is somewhat like an action RPG, think Diablo, you kill enemies to get stronger gear which allows you to fight stronger enemies to get stronger gear. I recommend beating the game first and then reloading a save if you want to play Shadow Realm. The power level of the enemies you fight and the items you find quickly outpaces anything you'll find in the game and it will make the Act 4 content very easy.

Should be compatible with  most other mods out, including other loot mods, there as it changes almost nothing from the base game. The exception being the Shadow realm add on.

-Sorry to disappear for so long, life happens and I needed a break from modding. I have not added anything new this update but rather made changes to try to address the biggest issues people have with the mod.
-First, all world drops have been removed. Items drop from humanoid enemies and voidwoken. The chance to drop treasure can be set to anything between 0-100% using the mod book. Default is 10%. I may add back in world drops in another add on mod. Both drop rate patches have been removed from steam
-All items have been nerfed significantly. Effects have not been changed only the item stats. Items from this mod will now almost always have worse stats than Legendary/Divine items.
-For those who wants super OP Items there is another system now in place that gives random stats bonuses to mod items. For ever Enemy Effect applied there is a chance to add a random stat bonus, the chance can be changed to anything from 0-100%, default is 5%
-Combining items with bonuses will result in items with bonuses. The amount of bonuses applied being equal to the average + 1
-Enemy Effects is now automatically activated at the start of acts 2, 3, and 4 setting max effects to 1,2 , and 3 respectively, assuming the setting is not already higher
-I have attempted a fix for the bug where enemy effects crashes the game at the end of act 3 but have not tested it yet.

This mod is new to Nexus but has been on Steam for awhile with a mostly positive reception