Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Summoning Tweaks is a quality-of-life mod that makes player (non-enemy) summons permanent, allows the summon limit to be customized (defaults to 3), and provides a set of helper-skills to speed up summon preparation before battle.

Permissions and credits
With permanent summons, a customizable summon limit, and various helper skills to speed up summon preparation, Summoning Tweaks is a must-have for those wanting to customize the Summoning experience.

Currently, multiple summon portraits are not visible. This presents a problem if you select a different character in combat while your summon's turn is active. To re-select your summon, use the "Cycle Characters Next / Cycle Characters Prev" keybinds available in the Controls menu (The default keys are left bracket [ and right bracket ] for Keyboard + Mouse).

Additonally, LeaderLib has a skill that allows you to "select" a summon outside of combat, like if you had clicked on their portrait.

  • All non-enemy summons have an infinite duration (totems excluded). Non-enemy is an important distinction here, because I went through and made sure enemy summon skills kept their original durations.
  • The max summon cap is set to 3 by default. You can increase or decrease this further in the settings menu (accessed with the Summoning Tweaks menu book, or LeaderLib's mod menu).

Summon Preparation Enhancements:
  • After using a summon skill, a "Summoner's Contract" is added to your inventory. Use this to recast the last used summon spell outside of combat instantly, with no cooldown. No longer do you have to wait several minutes just to summon an army.

  • Bonus: This also resets the summon skill's cooldown.

    Note: The auto-adding of the contract can be disabled in the settings menu,
    but nesting it away in a backpack on your Summoner is another approach

  • After using a summon skill, you gain the skill "Dismiss Summon". This skill only works outside of combat, and allows you to dismiss your permanent summons in a respectable area-of-effect

If you're feeling generous, an easy way to show support is by tipping me a coffee:

All coffee goes toward helping me to continue developing mods. Thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why does my summon say the duration is -357913?
    That's DOS2DE's way of telling you it's working!Originally, -1 Lifetime worked to make summons infinite. Something changed at some point, making that no longer work, so now we need to set a high enough number for the system to basically give up on counting the duration.
  • Why do my summons not have portraits?
    That's a reported bug, viewable here: Larian Forums Thead. Currently, our only way around it is to use the Cycle Characters Next / Cycle Characters Prev keybinds to select the summon.

Mod Conflicts: What's Overwritten
When two mods overwrite the same file, the mod lower in the order has priority. With that in mind, here's what ST modifies:

Summon Skills
To make summon duration infinite, all the player-used summon spells are overwritten. Additionally, enemy spells that inherited their durations from the base summon spells are overwritten, to preserve their original durations (so no infinite enemy summons, if the enemy used the enemy version of a base summon skill).
  • Artillery Plant | Enemy Artillery Plant, Enemy Shambling Mound Caster/Ranger/Melee
  • Bloated Corpse | Enemy Bloated Corpse, Enemy Bloated Corpse (Dog)
  • Bone Pile | Enemy Bone Pile
  • Cat
  • Condor
  • Fire Slug | Enemy skills: Poison Slug, Alice's Puppet
  • Incarnate
  • Soul Wolf | Enemy Soul Wolf

If you're using another mod that modifies these files, you'll have a conflict, so either place Summoning Tweaks above that mod if you don't care about losing the infinite durations, or place ST below that mod if you wish to keep them infinite.