Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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A (rather) late Christmas-themed Origin and class.

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It basically let's you become Krampus: a slightly edgy, slightly silly, evil Christmas skeleton-demon.


"Okay, but what does it do?"
It just adds an Origin and a starter class, as well as spells that you can get as you level further.

"Is it balanced?"
Fuck if I know. My group usually plays in a mode where you and your enemies are basically on crack so I don't even know what balancing is anymore. If balance matters to you, this isn't it.

"What skills does it have?"
Figure it out yourself. I have a Google Sheet going, but it's entirely unfinished. But I will warn you the Origin and Class start with very little attack damage and is mainly used for support and (later) long-range attacking. I would recommend bringing someone else with you at the start. If you don't have a friend to play with, you can open your install directory and go to \DefEd\Bin\ and open EoCApp to open a second game then just join your own game and create a second Custom Character so you can properly fight.

"Does it work?"
The skills? Yes, they do as far as I know. The story? Hell if I know. I made the Origin so shoddily that I wouldn't be surprised if the scripts broke and you abandoned your goal to become Godwoken and decided to go on a trip to India to kill a vampire instead. I genuinely wouldn't recommend playing this on a save you care about unless you know how to debug your way through the mess it might cause.

"If you don't think it works, why would you post it?"
Because I spent two weeks trying to get this to work at all. I was going to make this for a friend but now I'm at a point where I've put in too much work to not put it anywhere else. Plus, I needed a good place to put it so he can download it later.

"Why is he undead, but doesn't have to be veiled?"
At first it was because I couldn't figure out why he never spawned with pants, which would get him spawn killed, so I just removed the Undead tag. But now it's just part of my head-canon that people are too afraid to call him out.

"Where are the skill traders?"
Fort Joy --> Climb the vines on the left of where you meet Dallis. He'll be at the top of the pillar.
Reaper's Coast --> By the Meister's house, near the river, by the boat.
Nameless Isle --> A the bottom of Amadia's place, before you climb the vines.
Arx --> At the statue just when you get there.


Your character will start out pink. I have literally no idea why it does this. I simply can't fix it. Just change your Skin Tone to something else and change it back then it'll work just fine.

You can also choose what your Civil ability point goes into, as I never set a default for it.

This was made entirely using in-game assets. This means it's a very small file. I don't plan on changing it, as small sizes are kinda my schtick.

DO NO FIGHT THE TRADER. I've warned you now, so don't get any ideas.

I added a custom armor. It's by the Viper sword. (By the Beach, on the platform where the two broken towers are, near a dead lizard.)
I wanted to implement it into the vender, but that didn't work properly, so this is the next best thing.

I added the armor to the other 3 main areas next to the venders in Reaper's Coast, Nameless Idle, and Arx.