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The system for needs makes rest also all kinds of food and drinks necessary for your characters whilst not making it a primary goal.

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The system for needs makes rest also all kinds of food and drinks necessary for your characters whilst not making it a primary goal.

In the new version for DE:
-If the controlled character lays down or sits all unchained player-characters will search for a safe space to relax in a radius of 12. Sometimes they will independently do it in already visited spaces.
-After activating the mod the “Camping bed” and the “Portable bench” will be added in the player-characters inventory.
Attention!: "Camping bed" will replace the default “Bedroll” in the inventory and with every pick up action. If you want to keep the default “Bedroll” place it into any container (i.e.: a backpack in the inventory) before activating the mod.


When consuming food your characters gain an additional status "Full"  for some amount of turns. The time depends on the food type and lies between 400 – 800 turns (around 40 – 80 minutes of game time, without combat). Row of usefulness – ingredients > vegetables/fruits > raw meat/fish > cooked food. Limbs also sets status "Full“.
The status "Full"  gives a "+1" bonus to constitution and a "+3%" bonus to poisonresistance.


Drinks give you the status "Thirst quenched" - "+3%" to fireresistance and "+5%" to movement speed for 600 turns. Alcohol and potions do not quench your thirst.

 Increase of the statuses duration:

If a character consumes food while the status "Full"  is active with a status time greater than the number of moves before the expiration, the status timer gets greater. If it give with less turns  – so the duration remains current.
Drinks always increase the turns-timer for "Thirst quenched"  to the maximum. 

 Empty Stomach and Hungry:

When "Full"  and/or "Thirst quenched"  are depleted - "Empty Stomach"" occurs for 200 turn (Approximately 20 minutes). If a character didn't eat or drink in that time then the "Hungry"  status applies: "-1" constitution, "-1" wits, "-20%" movement speed.
Both statuses "Empty Stomach" and "Hungry" are removed when consuming food or drinks.

  • The mod works with the majority of recipes in the "Crafting Overhaul".
  • The mod is going to work with food, drinks and recipes from other mods, if tags are correctly added.
  • Some original ingredients prolong the status of "Full" - like cooked food because of lack of tags.

If a character is sitting/lying down out of danger (after around 1 minute) he/she will get the status "Relaxed" - which recovers health, source points, giving "+1" to intelligence, wits, lucky charm  and "+0.2" to sight. Also the character gains permanent "Spirit Vision" (if you already possess the ability). When the character stands up - "Relaxed"  is replaced by "Perfectly rested"  and these bonuses remain for 900 turns.
If you want to rest multiple characters, you have to unchain them.
The 50% penalty of vitality removes "Perfectly rested" . Any damage of vitality taken during "Relaxed" removes the status.
If you want your unchained companions to indepentently use the "Camping bed" or the "Portable bench" for relaxation you must drop them out of the inventory. 

 Spirit Vision:
Permanent "Spirit Vision"  can be turned off/on during the duration of  "Perfectly rested"  when using the "Spirit Vision"  ability. When "Perfectly rested " expires permanent "Spirit Vision"  is removed (Except for story purposes like the "Hall of Echos") and it returns to its original state.

The Undead don't get a bonus from food and drinks and don't recover vitality by relaxing, they also don't loose statuses
from "Relaxed“  and "Perfectly rested“  by damage.
  Adding characters to the system:

When installing the mod, your groupmembers get the status "Empty Stomach" for 200 turns. When adding a new character to your group, either the origin characters of mercenaries, they too will get the status after game events, save game loads or by consuming food/drinks.
When removing a character with the status "Hungry" - adding him back with the same status "Hungry".

For the compatibility with our mod “Already inspected” download the version which already includes the functionality of it.
Uncheck “Already inspected” in the Modification menu.

  • Unpack the archive in to …Documents\ Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods
  • Check mod in the Modification menu.

Time to have picknicks in a good company! Have fun!