Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Do you feel that there isn't enough Source Vampirism? Do you wish every NPC and their grandparents *truly* all had Source draining skills instead of just seeming like it? Well, this stupid meme mod has you covered!

Permissions and credits
The meme of me releasing simple mods continues with this meme mod. One that does what the title says: giving essentially all characters Source Vampirism. This mod was born out of my frustration of seemingly everyone having a Source draining skill later in the game, even nonsensically with random nobodies. According to the gameplay, Source sapping, an ancient and forbidden technique, is known by seemingly random blokes on the street. The game can't respect its own lore. So I said,"Fuck it!" and just gave Source Vampirism to nearly every character. If you can't beat them, join em, eh?

You'll notice that I said "nearly" every character. Well, that is correct. For starters, summons are not affected as I thought they'd be too much of a pain to work with correctly. Secondly, newly spawned "temporary" characters are not affected either. Nature of me not knowing an "on spawn" event. They should be good if you reload your save though. "Temporary" characters do not include most ambush characters and the like --- they already exist. They're just teleported in.

Yes, this mod will give you Source Vampirism as well. Early might I mention. While this will fuck with some story beats, it shouldn't really with story play. The Source Vampirism skill you get is not the one you get from the story. Instead of it's one of this mod's own. So yeah, you can get two Source Vampirism skills. I consider this more acceptable than fucking with the game's normal story scripting (not to be confused with Osiris, for you mod aficionados). Plus it's a meme mod --- you get what you get. Think of it as part of the meme.

Have fun/"fun" with (nigh) everyone sapping your Source. :D

Manually extract the .pak file into your Mods folder. By default, it should be in your Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition folder. Afterwards, boot up the game and tick the mod's checkbox to activate it. Sort it in your load order at your will.

Simply deactivate the mod in your load order. To be more thorough in its removal, delete the mod's .pak file in the afore mentioned directory.

This mod should be rather lightweight and shouldn't outright conflict with anything. It does give you Source Vampirism early though, so keep that in mind.

Mod is only for the Definitive Edition. Also, I own the GOG version of D:OS2 so there's little chance of this getting a Steam Workshop release.

Mod should work any time on game/new region load or anytime you recruit a permanent party member. Do note that load times might be a bit longer with this mod, especially with a new region being loaded. The scripts have to check and run on every character.

You are free to use this mod in any way you like as long as you credit me and the others that helped me.

LaughingLeader: Some code help. Seriously, this guy's great.
Larian: For making the game in the first place
Divinity Engine Wiki: For being a nice resource.
You, the player: For using the mod or just reading here in the readme. :)

Discord Servers:
Some links to some Discord servers you might want to join:
Larian's server: https://discord.gg/uDcm5npWfd
My modding server: https://discord.gg/nMErcdEpSs