Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Turns Anathema into a useable (hopefully not overpowered) but risky weapon with unique effects that make it worthy of being the Source King's bane. Drain Source from your enemies to feed the sword but be cautious; the sword is still fragile and also has the potential to possess those who wield it.

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Like many I was quite disappointed when I obtained Anathema to find that it was a fairly generic one-shot tool with very little flavour despite the build-up it got throughout the game. So disappointed in fact that I immediately halted my first playthrough of the game to download the editor to change it.


1) Complete the quest All in the Family as normal if you haven't already.


2) If you have already obtained Anathema, simply combine it with 4 Source Orbs to obtain a scroll that when cast will give you the new version of the sword.


  • Ravenous Hunger - Anathema feeds on Source, draining 1 Source Point from the target but does not give it to the wielder who instead gains Unrelenting Fury. If the target has no Source, Anathema will drain source from the wielder (who will still gain Unrelenting Fury). If both have no Source, the wielder's Magic Armour will be damaged. Has a 50% chance to drain 2 Source points and give the wielder 1 if possible. Targets with Apotheosis or Revered active are considered to have infinite Source Points´╗┐. Each Source point drained adds 1 charge (max 10 charges) to Anathema. At 10 charges, activates Inexorable Fate.
  • Unrelenting Fury - Haste the wielder while restoring their vitality and increasing their strength.
  • Inexorable Fate - Adds a large damage bonus (Piercing) to attacks made with Anathema. Disappears if charges drop below 10.
  • Remorseless Instinct - Anathema constantly claws at the edges of the wielder's mind, trying to take control. While the wielder has Magic Armour they are safe. However, if Magic Armour drops to zero, Anathema has a chance to take control, causing Madness until Magic Armour is restored.
  • Infinite Despair - Summon the incarnation of the blade to fight for you. The incarnation of Anathema is powerful with many immunities and benefits from the wielder's Summon skill, but will attack indescriminantly unless calmed. Costs 1 charge.
´╗┐Anathema charges can be replenished by using Source Vampirism with it equiped (Anathema will get the point, not you).