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This is a large overhaul mod with many changes but focuses on a few main aspects: Expanding Build Diversity: A Harder Difficulty Mode: Balanced Gear and Skill options: Keeping a similar “feel” of the Vanilla game while removing it's faults: Fully Remastered Talents: Over 60+ New Skill books: 2,000 hand crafted NPCs and completely new encounters

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Version: 1.09.41

Divinity Conflux is a Combat Overhaul mod that aims to be a true class-less system with improved skill and talent synergy. Players are no longer forced in having to choose a specific archetype then stack multipliers. Now countless build varieties are available to players in a true make-you-class condition.

Players can not only choose the schools they want to mix but how they want to mix them. A player can choose their schools then also choose to go flat damage, pure status effects or a mix of both adding an entirely new layer to play style options. No longer is status just something that comes with an ability but instead a conscious choice in character building. More emphasis is placed on attaining skills the player wants rather than stacking multipliers.

Includes new Difficulty mode:Strategist - In this mode enemies will smoothly and continuously scale in difficulty apposed to falling off around the end of Act2. This lends to a more consistent need of player attention in combat till the very end of the game as lvl 20 enemies are notably stronger than vanilla.

This mod uses Norbyte's Script Extender - To clarity this file needs to be in the same directory as EoCApp.exe.
Extract the .pak file to "\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods"

Steam Version Available Here.

One major feature of Divinity Conflux are new and powerful Tier 2 Status effects. These statuses help tie the knot on build variety by integrating different elements together on a global scale.

Chilling a target affected by Burning or Necrofire will consume both statuses then apply Proliferate, a piercing damage over time. On apply and each turn with a duration based on the number of Burning or Necrofire turns removed. Bleed, Burning and Chill can all be applied during this effect.

Shocking a Poisoned target will consume the Poison to produce a noxious fume that surrounds them dealing poison damage to anyone nearby when it's applied and each turn after. It's duration is based on the number of Poison stacks removed. The target can continue to be poisoned or Stunned after applying.

Shocking a target affected by Burning or Necrofire will produce a conductive fire debuff that burns the target heavily when they move. The duration of this debuff can be refreshed with another shock application long as the enemy has remaining Burning or Necrofire turns.

Chilling a Slowed target or Slowing a Chilled target will produce the Congeal debuff which heavily reduces movement speed and dodge chance. Applying either Chill or Slow to a target suffering from this effect will render them fully immobile.

Conflux Statuses are not conversion exclusive. For example a character suffering from both Burning and Poison will produce both Accelerant and Virulent with one application of Shock. Likewise Congeal and Proliferate can be produced in the same instance by applying Chill on targets suffering from Slow and Burning.

Many Skills have been reworked for better synergy with their own schools and others. Many have been given conditional bonuses that can be fulfilled granting more powerful effects, more damage or allowing effects to ignore Armor defenses to give a more thoughtful approaching to combat.

Some global Statuses such as Proliferate and Congeal can also bypass armor when proper conditions are met adding further intricacy to build setups and ability rotations. As a basic example characters currently suffering from Bleeding or Proliferate cannot resist the secondary Weaken effect of the skill Sanguine Blade regardless of Armor values.

More than 70 Player skills have been added to the game to help compliment new features and play styles. Over 60 Skill Books making well over 70 Player skills including Unique items, Talents, Racial, Origins and Items. Over 100 Skills have been added in total to the game when counting enemy / boss skills.

Enemy AI now has a more human-like response to player actions. They will cure allies of status effects, esp CC. They will attempt to reveal invisible players or disrupt line of sight on themselves and/or allies from a ranged attacker. Enemy AP efficiency has been improved to value more effective skills and enemies now have access to far more skills, talents and consumables which increase as the game progresses.

Each encounter in the game has been hand crafted and over 2,300 NPCs have been given hand picked skills / talents / items.

New Talents have been added to the game, the ones remaining have been remastered to serve a more potent purpose in character building or have new found synergy given the many new game mechanics. Every Talent in Conflux is useful for one play style or another. There are no duds.

List of New / Remastered Talents:
Affliction Overload
Comeback Kid
Combat Reflexes
Divine Vigor
Elemental Ranger
Flowing Recollection
Improved Opportunist
Improved Parry Master
Runic Arsenal
Thaumaturgy Warlord
The Pawn
King of Flames
King of Ice
King of Storms
King of Terra
Walk It Off
What A Rush

There are further built in features for customizing your experience. Enemy Archetype Talent Injector, Boost Injector, Immortal Sir Lora, Remove annoying
NPCs, Character Tag swapping, Free Mystic / Scholar / Villain, Enable/Disable Innate Talents and Chaotic Wisp mode.

For more more information on this mod join our Discord or check out the reference guide.
For more detailed information check out the TechDoc text document.

All Class mods work with Conflux.  Class mods are being integrated one by one for better blending and balance Helaene series is likely next. Players may find LL's Mod Manager[github.com] necessary to get the right mix of features.

Note: Integrated Class mods does not mean Conflux includes these. You will still need the original mod.

Not compatible with other Overhaul mods. Larian's Spirit Vision and Animal Empathy Giftbags. This mod uses a
better QoL version of Spirit Vision so no need and Animal Empathy is given via a Tag instead while replacing it with a new talent which will not show properly. Also Refund Race-Based Abilities, Additional Summons Pack or Magic Mirror Fix.

Class mods, other QoL and similar are fine.

Add-on mods should be loaded last in the mod order so changes take priority.

Conflux Odin Library - 100% Modular add-on. This will automatically detect which mods are loaded and adjust accordingly.
Conflux Heavy Enemies Add-on - This add-on notably increases enemy HP scaling and is often seen as the preferred method of play. Also good for heavily modded sessions.
Sorcerous Sundries Fix - Pretty much required if you enable this Giftbag with mods..
Enemy Upgrade Overhaul or similar mods are recommended for even greater difficulty.

Laughing Leader, Norbyte, Majora, Focus, Thehail, Beetus, Yuri and all the beta testers. Thanks so much for helping breath life back into this weathered DM.