Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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A few extra skills available for the Ranger track for those who want to go all-in on archery.

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Level 1

Evasive Shot - 2 AP / 4 CD / 105% damage / 10m
Deal physical damage to your target and grant yourself stealth for one turn.

Double Trouble - 2 AP / 1 CD / 60% damage (each) / 13m
Shoot arrows at two distinct targets, each doing physical damage.

Vampiric Arrow - 2 AP / 3 CD / 85% damage / 13m
Fire an enchanted arrow that does piercing damage and returns that same amount to you as health. Makes your target weak.

Level 4

Grappling Hook - 2 AP / 3 CD / 75% damage / 15m
Fire a hooked arrow into your enemy, pulling yourself to their position. Causes piercing damage and has a high chance of Bleeding.

Concussion - 2 AP / 3 CD / 110% damage / 10m
Deal physical damage and cause target character to be Dazed for two turns. Has a chance of causing your target to forget how to cast skills for one turn.

Level 8

Shield Breaker - 2 AP / 4 CD / 1 SP / 95% damage / 13m
Destroy your enemy's shield and cause physical damage. Has a moderate chance of knocking down your target from the impact.

New books should be available from existing ranger vendors.

As always, I really appreciate kind comments if you enjoy the mod!