Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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The Blacksmith can strike devastating blows with his two-handed hammer and also repair the armor of his friends. Blacksmith skills augment and require Warrior skill. Blacksmiths can serve as tanks while maintaining some support abilities.

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Level 1

Sundering Smash - 2 AP, 1 CD, 100% damage
Bash your enemy, doing physical damage and adding a stack of Fractured Armor.

Rubber Mallet - 2 AP, 3 CD, 75% damage
Throw a hammer from your workbench, causing physical damage to two enemies and setting Dazed for one turn. Has a very low chance of Knockdown.

Smithy Shrapnel - 1 AP, 5 CD
Toss a pile of sharp metal scraps, like nails and gears, for your enemies to step on.

Helping Hand - 1 AP, 4 CD
Help a Knocked Down ally up, or pat out a Burning one. Sets Encouraged, and heals 15%.

Repair Armor - 1 AP, 5 CD
Replenishes half of target's Physical Armour. Grants Deflecting for 1 turn.

Level 4

Into the Fray - 2 AP, 4 CD, 50% damage
Jump to a target position, doing physical damage to surrounding enemies and knocking them down.

Elemental Infusion - 1 AP, 5 CD
Your ironworking abilities have sufficiently advanced to allow you to target Surface in melee radius and add elemental damage for one turn, corresponding to the surface you targeted.

Staggering Blow - 2 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Hit your enemy hard, doing physical damage and making them Weak for two turns.

Defensive Stance - 1 AP, 6 CD
Stand your ground, reducing your movement speed in order to improve your physical armor. Clears Shocked, Chilled and Bleeding statuses; grounds you, and grants immunity to Knockdown.

Forced Retreat - 2 AP, 4 CD
Blow hot air from your bellows, pushing all non-allied characters in a cone in front of you by 6m and making enemies Warm.

Level 8

Broken Wrist - 2 AP, 5 CD, 75% damage
Break your foe's wrist, causing them to drop their weapon and be Disarmed for two turns.

Backbreaker - 2 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Breaking your enemies back leads to pain if they try to move. Lowers dodging by 25% and movement by 50%, and removes Encouraged.

Chain Pull - 2 AP, 3 CD, 75% damage
Pull characters within 9m towards you by 3m and do physical damage.

Cauterize - 1 AP, 5 CD, 10% damage
Do a small amount of fire damage to your target, but remove Bleeding, Weak, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned and Acid statuses. Sets Warm.

Medic - 2 AP, 5 CD
Patch up a nearby ally (+75% vitality) with your knowledge of field medicine, allowing them to return to battle.

Level 12

Berserker Stance - 1 AP, 6 CD
Reduce your physical armor in order to improve your damage and your movement speed. Clears Crippled, Weak and Slow statuses. Grants immunity to Charmed and Taunted.

Headshot - 3 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Hit your enemy in the head, causing Bleeding and Blindness for three turns.

Iron Mask - 2 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Craft an iron mask and shackle it onto your enemy, causing physical damage and setting Suffocating and Muted for three turns.

Stunning Strike - 3 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Supercharge your weapon with the power of the storm, dealing physical damage and forking lightning.

Vulcan's Power - 3 AP, 6 CD, 2 SP, 110% damage
The god of smithing grants you the power to deal physical damage and knock down enemy characters in the area around you in his name. Creates fire surfaces randomly in the radius.

Special Skills

Craft Weapon
Craft a weapon worthy of yourself when inspired. Inspiration is achieved by reaching maximum stacks of Fractured Armor (Shattered) three times.

Level Up Weapons - 1 SP
At level 6 (provided you have learned Sundering Smash) you will gain this new innate skill, which sets the target's on and offhand weapons to their current level.

Level Up Armor - 3 SP
At level 12 (provided you have learned Sundering Smash) you will gain this new innate skill, which sets the target's Helmet, Chestpiece, Gloves, Belt, Leggings and Boots to their current level.


This mod includes physical-armor-resisted versions of the Stunned, Weak, Blind and Slowed statuses. These are extra and do not replace the original statuses.

Complementary Skills
* Whirlwind
* Battering Ram
* Mend Metal
* Fortify
* Sparking Swings

Starter Class

The Blacksmith starts with a two-handed mace. They have the Opportunist talent; 1 point each in Two-Handed, Warrior and Bartering; 2 points in Strength and 1 point in Constitution.


The blacksmith trader's name is Vadderung and he can be found in the following places:
* Near Nebora the tinkerer (by the Fort Joy gates)
* By the armorer's stall in the Driftwood square
* Next to the blacksmith's sign near the town crier in Arx
* Belowdecks on the Lady Vengeance near the blacksmithing equipment