Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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The Cryomancer is a master of ice magic, harnessing its frigid power to damage enemies and strengthen themselves, rather than healing like traditional hydromancy.

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Level 1:
Winds of Winter - 2 AP, 3 CD, 85% damage
A chilling gust does water damage to your enemies and douses fire, while leaving an icy surface.

Ice Skate - 1 AP, 4 CD
Skate forward on a slick of ice, escaping your enemy's clutches or getting into position. Chills nearby enemies.

Ice Volley - 2 AP, 1 CD, 25%x4 damage
Shoot 4 small ice shards that each do water damage and have a low chance of dazing, chilling or weakening your target.

Freezing Touch - 2 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Freeze a nearby enemy while causing water damage, leaving them unable to move or act for 2 turns.

Winter Soldier - 1 AP, 5 CD
Grant your target immunity to Frozen, Chilled and Knocked Down for 3 turns.
Target also gains Icy Refreshment skill (Ingest the coating of ice on your armor, healing you for 50% of your total vitality. Removes Winter Soldier status.)

Level 4:
Ice Shard - 2 AP, 2 CD, 100% damage
Shoot a freezing shard of ice at your foes, dealing water damage and leaving an ice surface.

Frostbite - 2 AP, 4 CD, 50% damage + DOT
Your target's fingers and toes blacken and their limbs feel numb, causing water damage each turn while reducing Accuracy and Dodging.

Arctic Palisade - 1 AP, 5 CD
Raise a wall of ice to block movement and projectiles.

Snowy Sniper - 2 AP, 2 CD, 100% damage
Shoot a small, high velocity bullet of ice that will pierce enemies that it passes through, dealing water damage.

Summon Snow Troll - 2 AP, 6 CD
Summon a troll from snowy mountain peaks to aid you in battle for 4 turns.
(Note: champion version included for Summoner 10+)

Level 8:
Crystalline Shield - 1 AP, 5 CD
Reflect half of melee damage inflicted to you as piercing damage by growing a layer of sharp icicles on your shield.

Avalanche - 2 AP, 3 CD, 80% damage
A giant ball of snow rolls in a straight line, knocking down and chilling your enemies while causing water damage. Leaves a trail of ice behind.

Shatter Armor - 2 AP, 6 CD, 50% of player's magic armor in damage
Freeze your own magical armor to the point that it explodes, dealing water damage to surrounding enemies and yourself.

Eruption of Ice - 2 AP, 4 CD, 100% damage
Spikes of ice erupt from the ground to cause water damage to foes within 3m and leave a frozen surface. May freeze targets.

Ice Dome - 2 AP, 6 CD
Freezes enemies caught inside for up to its 3 turn duration.

Level 12:
Blizzard - 3 AP, 6 CD
White out conditions blind and chill your enemies while doing water damage. Ice projectiles will strike up to 3 enemies each turn for 3 turns.

Summon Ice Dragon - 2 AP + 1 SP, 6 CD
Summon an ice dragon from the glacial depths to aid you in battle for 6 turns.
(Note: champion version included for Summoner 10+)

Complementary Skills
* Armour of Frost, Soothing Cold
* Hail Storm, Hail Strike
* Winter Blast, Global Cooling
* Ice Fan
* Deep Freeze
* Cryogenic Stasis
* Cryotheraphy, Mass Cryotherapy
* Ice Breaker

(Also: Summon Incarnate, Summon Totem, Bouncing Shield)


The trader's name is Elsa and she has white hair and blue clothing. She and her pet snow troll can be found:
1) In Fort Joy, near the geomancer elf.
2) In Driftwood, by the water near town square.
3) On the Lady Vengeance, below decks near the reset mirror.
4) In Arx, just past the town center waypoint.

Starting Attributes

Cryomancers start with 2 points in Hydromancy and 1 point in Telekinesis by default. They have 2 points in Intelligence and 1 point in Constitution, and the Ice King talent selected. They will be equipped with a water wand and shield upon landing at Fort Joy.