Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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This mod adds a new Priest class which provides flexible support through long-range healing, buffs and some damage. Their holy abilities use light and water to affect their allies and enemies.

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Level 1:
* Benediction - (Starter) Grant a small amount of health and peace to your ally. Removes blind and crippled statuses.
* Consecration - (Starter) Apply your focus and consecrate an area, removing surfaces and pushing away enemies while causing them damage.
* Smite - (Starter) Punish your enemies with three daggers of energy, with a chance of leaving them weak or bleeding.
* Hymn of Mending - Sing a song to mend your or your ally's physical and magical armor.
* Zealot's Fire - Imbue a weapon with bonus fire damage and critical chance for 2 turns, at the cost of slower movement.

Level 4:
* Baptism - Purify yourself or an ally, healing and making them wet. They'll also return 25% of melee damage as water damage.
* Rebuke - Make your enemies suffer for their transgressions, causing them to suffocate in shame and receive damage.
* Holy Hand Grenade - Toss a bottle of holy water that will significantly heal everyone in a small radius.
* Heavenly Light - Damage and blind enemies in a small radius. Warm yourself and enemies, as well as improving your initiative.
* Leap of Faith - Evade enemies who have ventured too close by leaping away. Do damage to characters near your jump origin, and set Holy Fire and Hasted to yourself when you land.

Level 8:
* Hammer of Justice - Smash your weapon into the ground, doing damage and slowing your enemies under the weight of justice. Clears surfaces and clouds.
* Prayer of Power - Increase strength and damage for you and your allies for two turns.
* Crusader - Rush forward with a trail of holy fire, hitting all enemies in your path with fire damage and possibly knocking them down.
* Holy Communion - Partake in the ritual of the Eucharist, inspiring you and your allies, and purifying your bodies by removing Necrofire, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned and Acid statuses.
* Blessed Rain - The tears of Heaven rain down in a small area, blessing yourself and making everyone wet, while covering the ground with holy water.

Level 12:
* Martyrdom - Heal your closest allies at the cost of your own vitality.
* Exorcism - Banish a summoned creature or release your ally from possession and madness.
* Judgment Day - The eye of the Divine passes over nearby characters and blights your enemies, while granting Clear-Minded status to you and your allies.
* Purge Iniquity - Spread holy fire in a cone to cleanse the sinfulness from nearby characters. Enemies in the target area will receive fire damage.
* Angel of Mercy - Summon a benevolent angel to aid you in battle.

Level 16:
* Sanctuary - Grant aegis to allies within the dome. Enemies within the dome will be crippled.
* Cataclysm - Begin a holy cleanse with a world-changing flood. You are granted water immunity aura for two turns. Enemies may be knocked down or shocked and receive water damage as they are washed away.
* Miracle - By the grace of the Divine, raise an ally from the dead once per combat encounter. They will return with 30% health and Blessed status.
* Wrath - Focus the wrath of the Divine in a line of soul-scorching fire toward your enemies. Leaves fire surfaces behind.
* Angel of Death - Summon a deadly angel to combat your enemies.

Starter Priest Class
If you select the Priest class at Character Creation, you'll start with the game assuming a staff weapon. The starting skills are listed above. The class comes with preset Living Armor talent, 1 point each in Loremaster and Persuasion, and 1 point each in Constitution, Intelligence and Wits, but those are all changeable. The default skillset is Two-Handed, Water and Leadership - you can change if you want, but removing Water will disable the starter skills.

A trader named Father Matthias is available in several areas to purchase Priest skillbooks. He wears blue robes with a blue hood and has a grey beard.

* In Fort Joy, on the tower to the right just after you've entered Fort Joy (or from the ladder on the outside by the first Dallis encounter)
* In Driftwood, on the platform between Meistr Siva's (wrecked) house and the Magister headquarters.
* On the Lady Vengeance, outside the cell on the lower decks.
* In Arx, near the statue of Lucian in front of the cathedral.