Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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  1. leetman22
    • member
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    Why require the script extender... gods damn it. My experience with Div 2 in recent days is that anything made in the newer patches is mega cancer. Im playing on installed version of 3.28 or something, ~mid 2018. Before any gift bag stuff. Every version after this breaks sooo many mods, and the gift bag stuff is also really broken or stupid. Sprint mod and leaderlib never working especially... Anyway can we get a version of this that can use an OLD version of the script extender? Im using v1.25 of that and it works for me without having to update my game.
  2. PopovicVule
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    Unfortunately, the mod does not work for me. I have downloaded the Norbyte Script Engine, placed it into my DefEd/bin folder. Downloaded the mod, placed it into LarianStudios/ Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition/ Mods, activated the mod in the starting menu of the game... Still nothing.
    I have the latest version of the game from GOG.
    The other mods that I have installed currently are: ReducedNumberBloat, Let there be Tooltips, Customizable movement speed, and Automatic Item leveling.
    Restarted the game multiple times, still nothing, saved with the mod and reloaded, still nothing...
    And yeah, there isn't any Installation guide for this mod, it just says that it won't work without Norbyte...
    I would appreciate if anyone could help!
    1. maxerinus
      • supporter
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      Hi mate, this was not working for me, it was clashing with another mod called FullLoot, so I put FullLoot at number 1 on the load order and all of the mods worked as intended. Hopefully this helps, have a play around with the load order of different mods.