Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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A simple sound file replacement that has an INCREDIBLY annoying noise removed/snipped from the 'ambient' town chatter in Driftwood.

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What is this?:

The ambient sound in Driftwood Act 2 has a part that sounds like a little kid going "AAH!... AAH..ahh.. ...... .. Aah!", it sort of sounds like a crow. It's INCREDIBLY annoying..

The sound file for the ambience is about 45 seconds so if you wait a minute you'll hear it, and then you'll never be able to unhear it again, unless you use this mod!

I extracted the sounds files, found the .wem, converted the .wem to .ogg and then to .wav, and then edited the 5-second snippet out and then re-packaged it using wwise.

How to install:

Extract the .zip file, copy/paste 438113782.wem to your equivelant of: steamapps\common\Divinity Original Sin 2\DefEd\Data\Public\Shared\Assets\Sound

How it was done:

Extracted the games sound .pak files using Divinitys modding tool/extractor.. (GR2 Converter)

Once extracted the files (they are all .wem format)

Converted the .wem to .ogg using; https://gamebanana.com/threads/210351

Used Audacity to conver the .ogg to .wav

Converting the .wav back to .wem using wwise;

I'll maybe upload further audio edits if i find any more incredibly annoying ones throughout the game. I only just got to act 2 after about 20+ hours so it might be a while..