Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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Reworks the origin skills to be more useful and interesting, and less restricted to certain builds.

Permissions and credits
Reworks the Origin skills to be more interesting, and more importantly, useful. None of the skills are locked into a particular build, meaning you're free to do as you please!

A list of all the skills and changes can be found here.

This mod requires the Norbyte script extender found here.

Basic Descriptions

  • Maddening Song
    Sing, causing nearby enemies with depleted Physical or Magic Armour to be driven Mad for 1 turn. Maddened characters will become hostile to all nearby, regardless of alignment.
  • Dome of Protection
    Create a protective barrier around a target ally or location for 3 turns. Allies standing within the barrier have their Physical and Magic Armour restored each turn, and gain resistance to Physical and Magic attacks. 
  • Time Warp
    Bend time to your favour in a sizeable radius around yourself, applying Time Warped to all combatants. Time Warped provides an empowered Haste to all allies, and an empowered slow to all enemies.
  • Break The Shackles
    Break free from nearly all negative statuses. Nearby allies will also receive this effect. Excludes Knocked Down, Frozen, Petrified, Stunned, Sleeping, Taunted, Chicken Form, Possessed, Charmed, and Terrified.
  • Blinding Squall
    Summon a harsh wind around yourself, knocking back all enemies and setting Blinded and Chilled for 1 turn. Closer enemies are knocked back further.
  • Demonic Stare
    Gaze into the target's soul with demonic power, temporarily destroying their Physical and Magic Armour. Their armour is restored at the end of turn.
  • Summon Soul Wolf
    Summon your trusty Soul Wolf. At 10 Summoning, the Soul Wolf increases in size and gains additional stats.

Don't like a skill?
If you like some but not all of the skills, there's good news! I've included a Tome of Origins that can be used to toggle between the vanilla (base game) skills and my own.

Play in another language?
You can help me translate this file by heading over to my Github for the project!
Open your language's folder and then the .xml file. Click edit and begin translating away! Finally when you're done, submit it to be approved.

Fully compatible with my other mod Book of Origins which allows you to have choose your origin and racial skills on any character.

There's a Pet Power patch.

There's an Odinblade patch for Break The Shackles.

I've spent a great deal of time on this project, so feedback is appreciated!

Thanks to all those that gave feedback on the skills during development, including DerpyMoa and Odinblade, and to those like Norbyte, LaughingLeader, and Zerd who helped immensely with trouble-shooting issues.