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Fixes the player storage chests on Lady Vengeance, so they always remain persistent. Items in the chests will remain when changing levels, even when using mods that add characters/items to the Lady Vengeance's lower deck.

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Q: What problem is this fixing?

When using mods that add items/characters to the Lady Vengeance's lower deck, you may notice weird interactions with the storage chests, such as chests disappearing or reappearing. Additionally, the chests completely reset their inventories when changing levels (High Seas to Reaper's Coast, RC to the Isles, Isles to Arx).

This mod hides those original chests and moves all of their items (if any) to new globally persistent chests. These new chests retain their inventory between levels, and properly become visible when more users are in the game in multiplayer. When in singleplayer, only one chest is available, like expected.

Additionally, these new chests work just like the originals, in that you can send items to them when right clicking on items and selecting "Send to Lady Vengeance".


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