Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

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Majoras Vox - Morbito

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This is the updated version of +Character Creation Plus+

Lots of new character creation options added to all of the races and genders.

Simply put. New hairstyles, New faces, New skin & hair colors, facial features added to all races and genders.

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IMPORTANT - After enabling the mod, restart the game for the mod to take effect - IMPORTANT

Ever feel like the character creator was lacking? 

Maybe you wanted to look more unique?

You think any race that isn't Human got stiffed?

Well, this mod is for you!

With Character Creation Plus new options will be added to all races and genders available in the game to remedy an issue I had with the character creator options; there just wasn't enough of them.

New assets, New colors, New uses for assets that weren't used for CC.


Special thanks to Relic for helping me figure out how to mod the files and his awesome Silent Monk Heads mod that gave me the idea to do this.

Special thanks to StarScribe for figuring out what was stopping the mod from working.

Special thanks to Lucia Lovecraft for all the awesome pictures showing the mod off.

Special thanks to Alice Alisceon and the CCP + Faster Run Speed patch for helping me to figure out how to make the mod more compatible.

Thank you for being patient and helping everyone, couldn't have done it without you all.

Now go and enjoy some Divinity!