Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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The Monk is a master of Martial Arts, and plays by switching between unique Combat Styles and utilizing a Ki resource. Attacking with an offensive Monk skill will generate Ki, which can then be consumed to enter a Combat Style. Each of the 14 styles offer passive strengths and weaknesses, as well as granting access to a new active skill each.

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The Monk is a master of Martial Arts, dedicated to shifting between different Combat Styles. Landing offensive Monk skills generates Ki, which is then consumed to enter a stance. Each different Style grants passive strengths and weaknesses, as well as allowing the Monk to use unique Style Attacks. Monks wield staves, including the newly-added Monk staves, which deal physical damage, scaling with Intelligence. By shifting from stance to stance, the Monk boasts a highly versatile skillset, heavy on utility. Effectively utilizing Ki requires proper cooldown management and constant aggression, making for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Currently a Work-in-Progress, though all skills except end-game source skills are available and pending balance changes.


Act 1: All skills, along with a Monk staff can be found in a basket among the ship wreckage on the Fort Joy beach, as well as being sold by a Vendor just to the right of the Fort Joy Square wayshrine.

Act 2: Look for the Dwarven Drunken Master just outside the Driftwood tavern.

Act 3: The Elven Master of the Lotus can be found near her fellow Lizard Monk in the Elven Temple

Act 4: A Dwarven vendor can be located just inside the market of Arx.

Skill Examples:

Monkey Style - Gain dodge chance and movespeed at the cost of damage, grants access to a short, 0ap Simian Leap. Requires Ki.

Boar Style - Lose 100% of Phyiscal and Magic Armor, but gain HP and Damage, grants access to the Gore attack, which applies a bleed and deals damage based on the Monk's current HP. Requires Ki.

Drunken Master Style - Drink a special brew, heal for a small amount, and gain an enhanced version of the Drunk condition, increasing dodge and luck at the cost of accuracy and initiative, grants access to the ranged Keg Toss skill, which deals damage, douses flame, and applies drunk. Requires Ki.

Flurry of Blows - Rapidly strike 5 times at a target and all enemies near them. Generates Ki.

Scorpion Strike - Punch a target, dealing damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 50%. Generates Ki.

Throat Crush - Jab a target's throat, dealing damage and silencing them. Generates Ki.

Styles include 5 Hybrid Styles, one for each standard school of magic (except summoning), which become available at level 8.

Water - Lotus Style 
Earth - Style of the Iron Mountain
Air - Storm Style
Fire - Dragon Style
Necromancy - Bat Style