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Reduce npc armor-points while greatly buffing their HP

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In vanilla, we often meet enemies whose their armor is almost the same as the amount of health they have or even more, this will make spell and ability to control enemy useless until near the end of each battle especially when we fight group of enemies or enemies who can restore their lost armor. with this mod enemy dont have that much armor, so we won't spend a lot of time just to beat up their armor - but without reduced the time we need to kill them because their HP is greatly buffed. this will make every battle so much fun because player control spell will be usefull not too long since the battle began and the enemy will also be given time to take revenge on the player who turned him into a chicken.

for better understanding what this mod do (because i know my english is not well) take a look of classic mod that inspired me : "controls are back"
but since no Devinitive Edition version of that mod so i make this with a few changes.

Story Mode - Vanilla / Mod
Armor boost = -50% / -90%
HP boost = -40% /  -20%

Explorer Mode - Vanilla / Mod
Armor boost = -30% / -75%
HP boost = -20% /  0%

Classic Mode - Vanilla / Mod
Armor boost = 0% / -50%
HP boost = 0% /  +75%

Tactician Mode - Vanilla / Mod
Armor boost = +50% / -25%
HP boost = +50% /  +125%
ArmorBoostGrowthPerLevel = 15 / 8

*no changes to their other attribute like accuracy or damage boost
*i recommend to use this mod on new playthrough because the change of npc stat after any save game before this mod active will affect NPC visual HP bar
*see the image for comparison between vanilla and mod (based tactician mode)

tips for classic/tactician mode : since enemy HP is greatly buffed this will make enemy u fight after tutorial mission (ship and beach area) will slightly hard to kill when solo make sure to search for other party member ASAP before u start ur firsrt fight.

i include the version for 6 party size mod if u want fair challenge because u have more person to rely in battle, this change just a little of Tactician mode (can be used  without 6 party size mod)

Tactician Mode - Vanilla / Mod
Armor boost = +50% / -25%
HP boost = +50% /  +150%
ArmorBoostGrowthPerLevel = 15 / 10

extract and put this mod in  C:/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition/Mods
dont forget to activate in mod menu while in game

Have fun !!

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