Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Improves several underwhelming or boring talents like Ice King, Demon, Escapist, Arrow Recovery, and more. Adds new functions to these talents, and slightly buffs several others.

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This mod makes major improvements to a number of lesser talents, including Demon, Ice King, Escapist, Leech, Arrow Recovery, and Bigger and Better, and some minor buffs to various other talents.


Demon now gives you a 33% chance to gain a random fire-related buff when casting a pyrokinetic skill or receiving Necrofire.

Ice King gives you a 33% chance to gain a random water-related buff when casting a hydrosophist skill. On being frozen, you instead are placed in 1 turn of permafrost.

Leech makes it so 10% of the time when damaging a character with a positive status, you will receive a copy of this status.

Arrow Recovery renamed Frugality, now also lets you recover potions and resurrection scrolls on use 33% of the time.

Parry Master now also eliminates the 15% dodge penalty when being flanked. (Note, it still says you are being flanked, but the dodge penalty is gone.

Escapist lets you move slightly and use movement skills while crippled, entangled, or webbed.

Bigger and Better increases all of your stats by 1, in addition to +2 stats to spend. The +1 bonus increase to 2 at level 15.

Executioner now only grants 1 AP per kill, but can activate multiple times in one turn.

All Skilled Up now grants +2 combat and +1 civil ability points instead of 1 each.

Mnemonic grants 5 memory instead of 3.

Guerilla grants a 75% damage bonus instead of 40%.

Unstable now deals 65% of your vitality in damage instead of 50%

Living Armor now heals your magic armor for 40% of your healing instead of 35%

What A Rush's health threshold increased to 60%, from 50%.