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Adds a new racial skill to each race, improves origin source skills, and adds an alternative offensive dome source skill for non-origin characters

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This mod improves the origin source skills and gives five new racial skills. 

New Racial Skills

Stone's Embrace (Dwarf) - Grant a character a 30% resistance to physical and piercing damage but a 60% reduction to movement speed. 

Ancestral Memory (Elves) - A stance that lets you sacrifice damage for improved memory. 

Tactics (Human) - Grant an ally +10 initiative for a turn, so you can switch around turn order as you please. 

Shed Skin (Lizard) - Remove all buffs and debuffs from yourself but gain a minor resistance penalty for 2 turns. 

Rib Shot (Undead) - Strike an enemy with a broken off rib, dealing piercing damage to your target, and half of it to yourself. 

Origin Skill Tweaks

Maddening Song now deals some magic damage. 

Demonic Stare now also charms for 1 turn. 

Squall has been reworked into a cone push skill. Still damage and blinds targets, but also pushes them back.

Break the Shackles is now an AOE effect that helps allies, also cures entangled and web. 

Ifan's Soul Wolf now has several more skills, including a leap, charge, and silencing stare skill, and comes with more physical armor, some magic armor, and The Pawn talent. 

There's a new alternate source skill for custom avatars called "Circle of Pain," that is essentially an offensive Dome of Protection It can be found throughout the game. Note: once you learn circle of pain, it removes Dome of Protection and you cannot relearn Dome of Protection. Also, it really is intended for non-origin characters, but origin chars can learn it if you so desire.

Lizard's flame breath damage and range slightly buffed as well.