Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
Weed Shop Inventory Preview

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This image shows a little preview of the new items available in the Weed Shops mod I'm working on.

44 new items in total. Most have new models to go with the custom icons.

New Items added:

-Stat Books
-Big Blunt
-Poisoned Big Blunt
-Numerous strains of Marijuana
-CBD Oil
-CBD Capsule
-Poisoned Hash
-Weed Pipe
-Poisoned Shatter
-THC Oil
-THC Capsule
-Hash Brownie
-Weed cookie
-Poisoned Hash Brownie
-Poisoned Weed Cookie
-Weed Drink
-Poisoned Joint
-Weed Potion
-Marijuana Leaf(Armor)
-Weed Stone(Amulet)