10 Essential Tweaks For Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to quickly mention that I threw together a short list of D:OS2 mods at the request of our friends over at GOG.com.

You can check out the feature by clicking on the image below!

Let us know what you would add to the list in the comments!


  1. fireundubh
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    Let There Be Tooltips! - Currently #5 Most Popular on the Steam Workshop
    Displays tooltips for 544 more objects, including crates, barrels, ingredients, junk, and corpses, that did not show tooltips when highlighted either at all or with the highlight objects key/button. If you can pick it up, move it, or search its contents, you can see what it is!

    - Nexus
    - Steam Workshop
  2. kykyriky
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    Hahaha, I totally randomly stumbled upon this one while my D:OS 2 is downloading xD
    Great stuff, can't wait to try out.
  3. DirtyWeaselMedia
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    Good list, none are terribly cheaty or OP. Glad to see the modding scene ramping up for D:OS2. I'll be adding content to my YT Channel for the game and it's available mods.
  4. BinakAlgo
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    Thanks. Good to see posts from the nexus team again.
  5. DefianceFree
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  6. SigynX1
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    Awesome! It is on my list of games to try out very soon. This will help a lot.