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About this mod

A series of labelled backpacks found in a chests.

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What it does:
Adds a series of labelled bakcpacks found in chests

How it does it:
Create new root templates with unique names for each backpack and placed them in game

Compatibility Issues:
Will not work with any mods that place the chests at the same locations as the ones stated below
Will not work with any mods that use the unique template names for each backpack (Should be extremely rare)

Hallway past the first room when you start a new game.
Starting beach at Fort Joy near the Way Point
Bridge at Reapers Coast. The one that is a draw bridge that is raised up
At Nameless Isle, just straight from the starting location of when you get on the main island
At Arx, literally right infront of you at the crashed ship location

Q: Will this work with saves?
A: The game only loads in the data of chests one time. It loads on the first time the area is loaded in on the game. Therefore if you are on the starting ship still and get the update, the chest there will not have the new items, but the chest at Fort Joy will have them waiting for you. I have added another chest located at Reapers Coast map on Lady Vengeance for those on Fort Joy wanting the new equipment.