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Adds 5 new pieces of equipment worthy of The Divine into the game.

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There is also a lite version under options.  Only use 1 of the files.  

The lite version have less armor, no tags, no wings on chest piece, and better fitting attributes towards the equipment.

Current Locations:
In starting room next to the door.  Chest will have 1 full set, 10 of each framed rune, and Eternal Lockpick
At starting beach at Fort Joy.  Chest will have 3 full sets, but no runes or Eternal Lockpick
On Lady Vengeance, next to the little boat you take to get to the main land.  Chest will have 4 full sets, but no runes or Eternal Lockpick

Please view the images section for item stats and descriptions

Eternal Lockpick 
A lockpick that doesn't get consumed when used
10 of each framed huge runestones

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, requests, or problems with the mod.


Q: Is this mod work with mod X
A: Not 100% sure, it really depends on what values were altered on the other mod.  This mod does not override any values, templates, or items.  It creates brand new ones and utilizes whats already in the game for use.  The only real way it should conflict is if they use the exact same name for things or if they are items being placed at the same location my mod puts them.

Q: I already had the mod and now when I go to get the items they are not in the chests.
A: The game only loads in the data of chests one time.  It loads on the first time the area is loaded in on the game.  Therefore if you are on the starting ship still and get the update, the chest there will not have the new items, but the chest at Fort Joy will have them waiting for you.  I have added another chest located at Reapers Coast map on Lady Vengeance for those on Fort Joy wanting the new equipment.

Q: Can I request you lower the armor/stats values of the item?
A: You can certainly request them but most likely I will not alter them.  I have posted a tutorial of how to create and modify stat values.  In the post section of this file. This is my first mod I have ever done for any game.  It only took me 30 minutes to figure out how to make an item and place it in game.

Q: God damn that helmet looks awful, can you select a different model?
A: All the god damn helmets look awful in this game, I recommend just turning off the helmet option.

---Things still left to add to the mod---
Rename everything