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An overhaul to the armor system that increases the maximum health based on total armor amount, while making damage apply to the corresponding armor and directly to health.

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An overhaul to the armor system that increases the maximum health based on total armor amount, while making damage apply to the corresponding armor and directly to health.

If you want a band-aid to the Armor-System, but disliked this solution, I recommend taking a look at Kalavinka's Dual Armor Damage mod (Waiting for DE).

This mod is compatible with Smarmbot's ABST mod, if you really think the Armor-System needs a shakedown and you're into RNG.

Static Health Increase
Your maximum health is increased by 70% of the total armor (both physical and magic) gained from items and other sources. However, statuses (such as Fortify) won't increase your maximum health. Your maximum health should automatically update on item equip/unequip and leveling up (only outside combat). NPCs should have their maximum health calculated automatically.

There's actually a very easy way to cheese this: Just cast a skill that increases your maximum armor and then equip/unequip an item right after. This will make the calculation consider the extra armor. There are easier ways to cheese in this game, so avoid doing that. If you do it by accident, just wait until the status vanishes and equip the item again.

Armor Restores
Armor restores will also heal your vitality by 70% of the amount successfully restored (meaning you don't heal if already at full armor). Increasing your maximum armor with buffs will also count as an armor restore for healing purposes.

Direct Damage
All damage types, with the exception of Corrosive and Magic (that target armor only), deal damage to the appropriate armor and directly to health.

Piercing Damage
Piercing damage was increased by 50% to make it an interesting option. The buff was made through scripting, so the values on the skills (and the value that will appear above the target's head) won't be affected, but the damage will be dealt, believe me.

Since direct damage aplication is now the common thing to happen, I've made a threshold for the Hothead talent, so it gives the bonuses while the character is above 70% Health.

Necromancy and Lifesteal
I've made sure necromancy and lifesteal gained from Vampiric Hunger will function correctly when the target still has armor remaining (but will take direct damage), but lifesteal from other sources won't function. Unfortunately, I found no easy way to retreive a character's lifesteal amount.

Main Goals
The idea behind this mod is making hybrid builds a more attractive option, while not nerfing going full physical or full magical. I'm sure this is just a band-aid on the problems behind the armor system, but it's a start, to say the least. Also, this should make fights more dynamic, as the character's health will be constantly changing, instead of just their armor bars.

Technical Stuff
This mod functions mostly based on a charScript, and I inserted it into DefaultCharacter.charScript, meaning it's incompatible with any mod that does the same. It does not alter any stats entries and should be compatible with any mod that doesn't alter DefaultCharacter.charScript.

It's still a WIP and I'll be updating this mod, trying to fix bugs that players will hopefully find and report.

Work to do
  • Modify the talent Hothead so it works with a wider range of health, instead of only 100%;
  • Implement a skill and distribute it to all characters, so they can recalculate their maximum health if they feel like it;
  • Check feedback and rework the numbers to better balance the mod.

Last Note
This is a non-tested version of the mod (Specially for DE). I had my previous version be playtested and, since then, I changed the way the scripts actuate on the game to reduce the lag people had been experiencing.

Consider this an open-beta. I highly recommend backing up your save file if you're activating this mod on an existing save.

Shout out to the amazing modding community, with special thanks to the people that are always active and are very helpful, such as LaughingLeader, RestingLichFace, Abyssal Gaze and Smarmbot.

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