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Overhauls all magic skills in Divinity: Original Sin 2. The goal is to make more build viable and thus increase build variety. This mod is part of a series.

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Divinity Original Sin 2: Equilibrium - Magic v1.0

Equillibrium is a project of mine to create more viable builds in Divinity: Original Sin 2. I love how the game played already in vanilla, but it feels like min-maxers like myself are usually pigeonholed into a few select builds. My goal is to rebalance the entire game to get much more variaty in playstyles. I've increased the risk-reward ratios of a lot of skills, buffed some weak skills and nerfed a few overpowered skills.


Download the mod and unpack it in your mod folder. The standard path for your mod folder is C:\Users\Username\Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2\Mods. After the mod is unpacked in your mod folder, start up your game, click the “Mods”-button on the main menu and it should appear in that list. If it’s not, something went wrong, if it is, check the box next to it and it will activate.

Future Endeavors

This mod is the first in a series I'm going to create. Now that this mod is done, I'll tackle Warfare, Scoundrel, Huntsman and Polymorph in the next one. Summoning I will do last, as I plan to rework it rather than balance it as it is. I plan to also rework some Racial skills in the future, namely the Source ones. Even though I make these for my own pleasure, I'd love it if the community receives them well. If you feel the need to discuss about certain skills I changed, make sure to post a comment, I will read them! Make sure that you have the same goal in mind as I do though; balancing skills, not making them OP as hell.

Patch Notes

The patch notes can be found here. I will update it as I change things around, depending on feedback and further testing. I will keep a changelog at the bottom of the document; it's absent as of right now because I just finished creating and testing the mod. I've described my reasoning behind every single change, to make it more clear where I'm coming from. Again, if you have any issues or comments, please let me know in the comments below.


The steam-version of my mod can be found by following this here.


I want to thank Larian Studios for making an absolutely awesome game. I've been looking for a good turn-based RPG for years and I finally found one I genuinely could play forever. I also want to thank my girlfriend Natasja for providing a hand-drawn thumbnail that I ruined with filthy letters. Lastly, I want to thank Adam, Martyn and Shrike from the Discord-server I'm part of for checking out my mod and checking out the patch notes. I've gotten some insightful comments and changed some skills accordingly.


If you really like the mod and want to see more mods like these, take a moment to make an endorsement. Also, even though it's by no means neccessary, donations are always appreciated. If you feel the need, the link to my paypal is here.