Divinity: Original Sin 2
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This script automates replacement of auto-generated character portraits with their default ones. Combined with some picture editing this can also be used for custom character portraits. No more ugly Sebille after respeccing!

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First of all, take a look at this amazing guide to replacing character portraits with your own custom images.

If you wish to use a custom portrait and not just the character's default, you will have to do steps 1-4 manually. If you're OK with using the default portrait, you can skip those steps.

The issue with the guide is that after every respec, steps 5-9 have to be repeated, because the portrait gets re-generated by the game. If you're like me and respec a lot, this can get really time consuming. This script automates those steps for you.

First things first, instead of using v1.9.1 of the PAK Extractor mentioned in the guide, you're going to need v1.9.1b (the link is from the author's GitHub repository). This is because v1.9.1 had a bug with LSX conversion in its command line tools. If the version on Larian's wiki has been updated to 1.9.1b or later, you can ignore this paragraph and use that one.

The script also requires Python 3, which you can get from the official website. Instructions on how to run python programs are also located on the same website. You'll also need to install the lxml python library using pip, conda, etc.

To use the script, here's what you need to do:
  • Download the script and place it into the PAK Extractor directory (namely, it should be in the same directory as divine.exe).
  • Rename the script to <profile>.py, replacing <profile> with your in-game profile's name.
  • Open the script in a text editor (like Notepad) and find the line that says
    characters = ['Sebille', 'Lohse']
    Put in the names of whatever characters' portraits you would like to reset with the script. You can use your custom character's name as well, it doesn't have to be an origin character.
  • (optional) By default the script edits the latest save available. If you wish to use a different save, you'll have to edit the line
    #latest_save = save_dir + 'My Save Name'
    You need to remove the # and replace My Save Name with your desired save's name (but keep the quotes). If you want to go back to using the latest save available, just add the # back to the beginning of the line.
  • Now, still in the PAK Extractor directory in your Windows Explorer, go to File -> Open Command Prompt Here or File -> Open Windows Powershell Here. On different Windows versions, these options may be named a little differently.
  • Run the script by writing
    python "<profile>.py"
    (again replacing <profile> with your profile name) and pressing Enter.

Now any time you respec, you'll just have to do the steps 4-6 again.