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The Constellationist is an Summon-based class.

This class use the power of the 88 constellations. The Constellationist primarily use the 12 Zodiac signs as summon, each sign got unique powers and weaknesses. With the celestial knowledge, the Constellationist can summon up to 3 summons in fight. The Constellationist can also use the power of minor celestial spirits to buff their allies or debuff their enemies.

The Constellationist class add 13 new spells with 14 new summons, each of the summon add 5 new spells. TOTAL: 83 new spells !

(3)Starter Tier ( Level 1 ):

  • Centaurus's Touch : Gift from Centaurus, you can now use Centaurus's Touch to heal your allies and summons. Blessed by Centaurus : Heal the target for 5 turns.
  • Orion's Arrow : Shoot a celestial arrow imbued with the power of Orion, deals X chaos damage.
  • Close the Gate : Send one of your celestial spirit home, gain 3 actions points.

(4)Novice Tier ( Level 4 ):

  • Corvus's Curse : Call down the light of the Moon to petrify every enemies inside the area of effect.
  • Lyra's Song : Lyra allow you to use one of her melody, every enemies hit by this song are affected by the status sleep for 2 turns. Sleep : Target is sleeping, it wake up when they receive damage.
  • Andromeda's Chains : Mark the ground with the sign of Andromeda, rooting all target in the area of effect.
  • Caelum's Assist : Caelum assist the target with it celestial presence, increasing the damage dealt for every allies inside the aura. Caelum's Assistance : Increase the damage dealt by 15%.

(3)Adept Tier ( Level 9 ):

  • Hydra's Fire : Use the Hydra's fire to burn your enemy, deals X chaos damage. Enemies hurted by the fire receive the status Celestial Burn. Celestial Burn : Deals X chaos per turn and reduce all resistance by 10%.
  • Pegasus's Celerity : Bless the target with the agility of Pegasus, increase the movement speed and the dodge chance. Pegasus's Celerity : Increase the movement speed by 120% and the dodge chance by 30%.
  • Celestial Knowledge : Learn the first part of the celestial knowledge. Increase your max summon by 1 and reduce your damage dealt by 50%. ( Stance )

(2)Master Tier ( Level 13 ):

  • The 88 Spirits's Might : Call down the 88 celestials spirits might to strike all enemies inside a large area, dealing X chaos damage.
  • Celestial Mastery : Learn the second part of the celestial knowledge, Increase your max summon by 2 and reduce your damage dealt by 80%. ( Stance )

(1)Divine Tier ( level 16 ):

  • Celestial Resonance : Merge your mind and spirit with the celestial world for 1 turn. Increasing your max summon by 12 and decreasing all the skill cost by 2 actions points.

You can see all new spells of each summon here.

You can test every spells inside Game Master Mode.

Zodi the Constellationist is the master of the celestial knowledge! You can find him :

  • Fort Joy: At the start location close to the statue.
  • Reaper's Coast: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
  • Nameless Isle: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
  • Arx: At the start location, beside the first shrine

There a vase at Fort Joy close to Zodi with all the skillbooks.

Let me know who is your favorite celestial spirit ^.^ !