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The Arcanum of Sira Tol is an ongoing story mode quest, custom GM/arena mode mapping, and game balance modification project. It includes new quests with unique rewards for story mode, new (and really flashy) late game spells for fire mages, highly detailed and elaborately designed maps for GM and Arena mode and a new hero for the Arena.

Permissions and credits

AS OF Arcanum of Sira Tol v1.0.0.38 this mod will only be compatible with the DEFINITIVE EDITION of Divinity: Original Sin 2 If you do not wish to play the DEFINITIVE EDITION you can still download older versions of this mod, but they will not include many bugfixes, dialog and quest improvements and balance updates.


Anything that modifies the terrain/AI grid of FJ_FortJoy_Main (Fort Joy, and every dungeon/cave/etc in it, basically all of Act I) will probably cause conflicts in story mode. If you MUST play AoST with another mod that alters these, make sure you put this last in your load order.

Mods that have conflicts with AoST (Arcanum of Sira Tol):

None that I am aware of at this time!

For a more detailed list of vanilla files which are changed/overwritten by this mod please see the "Compatibility - List of Altered Vanilla Files" section, linked below.

Known Issues/Updates/Patch Notes
As of

  • Rewrote pretty much all the dialog for every possible set of player actions during the 'Adventures In Science' Quest Act I for about... 20ish percent less cringe.
  • Also added a couple dialog/cutscene branches for a couple potentially obscure outcomes.
  • Completely Revamped the layout of the Waygate/E.E.S.H in the Fort Joy swamps, near the abandoned camp.
  • Fixed AI Grid, surface and Terrain stuffs. Among other things I basically had to repaint every surface in every part of Fort Joy manually. Fun times.
  • Made Sira actually put up a magical barrier during the waygate puzzle.
  • Made the Void Amalgam completely invulnerable, but also made it clear that it's supposed to be invulnerable via dialog
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sira and the 'Mysterious Figure' to not properly perform dialog at the end of the Act I portion of the 'Adventures in
  • Science' Quest.
  • Added new crafting patterns that allow players to convert flamewrought weapons from one type to another: E.g. break down the sword, then combine the resulting material with a crossbow to get the crossbow.
As of

Sometimes the spell effects for the misfires in the portal puzzle even on Fort Joy continue playing after the event has ended. This is purely cosmetic and annoying, but shouldn't actually affect gameplay.

I think I may have solved this one, pending tests - introduces an alternate attempt at a fix for this (also pending tests)

For some reason the quest crime for the first part of the "Adventures. IN. SCIEEENCE!" quest does not register when entering the triggers set up for it in the Fort Joy chapel (specifically when entering by using a door or stairs which actually teleport the character inside of the tirgger, entering it by running through it still seems to work as intended). Attempting to fix by making it so that using the doors/stairs that lead to any part of the chapel also run the checks. This did not seem to work in the editor but /fingerscrossed.



Have you ever wanted your mage to BE an elemental instead of just summoning one? Have you ever dreamed of raw waves of elemental power radiating from your wizardly form? Then this is the mod for you! Elemental transformations are powerful late game transformations which turn your character into not just any ole elemental, but an APEX elemental.

This grants resistances, dodge, and status immunities for three turns. During the transformation several skills will be upgraded into more powerful versions of themselves, and the caster will also gain several completely new abilities.

Where to get them:

Currently only the pyrokinetic transformation is complete. This is available through any late-game fire skill vendor upon reaching level 16, but that will most likely change once this mods main questline has been fleshed out and completed.

If you don't want to wait till endgame to try it out then you can take it for a test drive in arena mode by playing the "Pyrokinetic" - a new Fire and Air magic based arena combatant

For specific information on everything an elemental transformation does (and it does a lot of stuff) see the "Elemental Forms" Section below!


AoST adds several new Element-Based unique weapons (Which are described in more detail in the 'Level-Scaling Weapons" section down below) that each come with a unique and powerful skill. Typically these skills are intended to be more tactical than outright destructive, although in fights that fit their niche they can be downright incredible.

Full descriptions of these skills can be found with the descriptions of their respective weapons below.

Important Note: Elemental Transformations and Unique Weapon Skills
Because these spells utilize story script they are unfortunately not functional, and thus not available in Game Master Mode. They are however, fully functional in both Main Campaign and Arena Modes!


2ap, 3 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Ride the wind to teleport yourself to a target location. The turbulent air currents left in your wake cling to you for 1 turn, increasing your dodge chance by 15% and movement by 1.


3ap, 5 Turn Cooldown, Novice Tier

Strike the ground with a concussive blow, dealing 35% weapon damage to, shocking, and slowing nearby characters. Effects which prevent effected characters from being teleported are removed. (Including both beneficial effects such as Fortify, and detrimental effects such as Petrified).

Court Wizard's Chambers
Modes: GM

The private quarters of a powerful and wealthy court mage, inluding all the dinery and finery you would expect, with a few neat little secrets befitting a mage.

Sira's Gate
Modes: GM

A great, echoing hall filled with tomes and magic. Strange machinery keeps this otherworldly sanctum afloat and unburned by the fires of the star which it orbits.
This level has several custom doors that use a special item as a 'key'. When in proximity to the 'magic barriers' using the 'key' (which is a rune) will enable/disable the barriers.

Temple of the Dying Sun:
Modes: GM/Arena

A broken world hanging precariously over a dying star. What better place to have an epic showdown?


Adventures. In, SCIEEENCE! Is a questline added on to the main story campign mode, which follows the less-than-ethical antics of the absent-minded Arcanist, Sira Tol, as she attempts to solve the mysteries of the seven gods, WITH SCIEEENCE!

The quest starts inside the Fort Joy chapel, in a second story lab added specifically for the purposes of this mod. As of now the questline is only complete through act 1, but it will be continued on into further acts in the future. The rewards for completion bring me to the next section:


Elemental transformations are powerful late game skills which require at least 10 points in their respective magic school to learn. They're meant to feel (and possibly actually be) overpowered, but in a way that feels appropriate for their magic school. Currently there is only one, but plans for others are in the works.

Cost: 4ap 3sp, Cooldown: Once Per Combat

Seraphim Form Passive Bonuses:

Baseline flaming tongues effect for the duration of the form.
100% fire resistance, including burning and necrofire immunity.
35% earth, water, air, poison, piercing, and physical damage resistance.
35% dodge chance.

Status Immunities:

Burn, Warm, Freeze, Poison, Charm, Fear, Knockdown, Mute, Chilled, Wet, Crippled, Blind, Cursed, Weak, Slowed, Diseased, InfectiousDiseased (sallow Man Debuff), Petrified, Drunk, Slipping, Sleeping, Acid, Disarmed, Decaying, Enraged, Madness, Chicken, Web, ShacklesOfPain

Seraphim Form Abilities:

SPARKS OF CREATION (Replaces Flaming Daggers)
2ap, 1 Turn
Call forth five sparks from the celestial forge, dealing damage and setting fire to targets. The damage of each spark is equal to 160% of the damage of a single Flaming Dagger.

2ap, 2 Turns
Command seven fiery swords to strike from the heavens, each creating a fire surface and dealing damage. Each sword deals roughly 33% of the damage of a single Fireball. Swords are not targeted separately, and always strike in the same pattern.

1ap, 1 Turn
Disperse yourself then emerge from any fire surface, unleashing a wave of flame which deals damage to nearby enemies within 3m.

0ap, 3 Turns
Concentrate fire surfaces around you into intense thermal energy, generating source points based on the total area of the consumed fire surfaces.

4ap 3sp, Once Per Combat
Lift a Pillar of Creation from the earth which will bind up to three nearby enemies for two turns, teleporting them to it and rooting them in place. While the pillar is active it's caster will be incapable of other actions. If the pillar still stands on the caster's second turn after activation they will call down a pillar of fire which deals massive damage and ignites anything within 5m of the pillar with the Fires of Judgment, after which the pillar returns to the earth. Seraphim form will last until the cast is complete, and will end immediately upon the destruction of the pillar or the successful cast of the ability.


Where to get them:

Completing the 'Adventures. In. SCIEEENCE!' questline will reward you with your choice of (one) powerful, unique, level scaling weapon. Be careful though, you only get one and once you've made your choice there's no going back!

Basic attacks with these weapons do something different than the standard basic attack for their weapon type (sword, wand, etc), making them play differently than just a boring old normal weapon. Each weapon also comes with several charges of a unique skill, which on it's own could strategically shift the tide of combat.

These weapons are scaled through a process called 'Infusion.'  By combining one of these weapons with specific elemental essences and runes (via the crafting interface) you can both scale the item to your level, and reset the charges of the item's unique skill. Infusions can be performed at any time regardless of whether you're a higher level, the same level, or a lower level than the item, and it will always yield a weapon of the user's level with full skill charges.

The recipes for a scaling weapons infusions are automatically added to your crafting menu when you obtain it. All scaling weapons gain additional improvements (beyond standard level scaling) at levels 12,16, and 18 respectively.

NOTE: Any runes in the item during an infusion will be lost, so make sure to take them out before you infuse.

THE FIRST LAW - Wand - Fire
Int, Wits, Pyro Aero, Amounts increase at higher levels

Basic Attacks (FIRE)
In addition to the normal wand projectile, each basic attack with First Law launches wildfire sparks that hit random enemies for a percentage of The First Law's attack damage. The damage of and number of sparks increases at higher levels.

Unique Skill
Solar Flare
2ap 1sp, 6 turn cooldown

Strip the target character of magic armor, and deal fire damage to all characters within 3m of the target equal to the amount of magic armor removed. This damage does not scale with your attributes abilities, or buffs, but also ignores enemy resistances.

THE SECOND LAW - 1H Sword - Fire
Int, Wits, Pyro, Aero. Amounts increase at higher levels

Basic Attacks
Each basic Attack with Second Law deals 100% cleave damage in a 180 degree arc. All damage is fire-type. Radius increases at higher levels.

Unique Skill
Thermal Equilibrium
2ap 1sp, 6 turn cooldown

Release a torrent of flames from The Second Law. Any characters inside the torrent (other than you) take physical damage equal to 50% of their maximum physical armor and fire damage equal to 50% of their maximum magic armor. This damage does not scale with your attributes abilities, or buffs, but also ignores enemy resistances. The radius of the torrent increases with the radius of Second Law's basic attack.

TIME'S ARROW - 2H Crossbow - Fire
Fin, Int, Wits, Huntsman, Pyro, Aero, Amounts increase at higher levels

Basic Attacks
Each basic attack with Times Arrow deals double weapon damage to the primary target and then deals 1x weapon damamge to targets in a straight line behind them.

Unique Skill
Timewave Trap
2ap 1sp, 6 turn cooldown

Throw a time wave trap at the target location. The trap takes a turn to activate. When active, it will explode when a character approaches it, dealing fire damage to all characters within a 3m radius and time-locking them, rendering them unable to act but also invulnerable for 1 turn. Number of traps thrown increases at higher levels


In addition to increasing elemental damage the four primary magic schools, 'Pyrokinetic, Aerothurge, Hydrosophist, and Geomancer' now grant further bonuses.

Each point in the aforementioned skill schools now only grants a 4% increase to the related elemental damage but also grants a 1% increase to all damage. Since these two multipliers are also multiplicative with one another this out to a slightly higher damage increase per point, and adds some level of cross tree synergy between these spell schools.

The end result per point in each of these abilities is as follows:

Aerothurge: 4% air damage, 1% all damage, 2% Dodge Chance
Geomancer: 4% earth damage and physical armor healing, 1% all damage, 2% Physical Resistance
Hydrosophist: 4% water damage healing and magic armor healing, 1% all damage
Pyrokinetic: 4% fire damage, 1% all damage, 2% Critical hit chance

Physical/weapon Abilities remain largely unchanged, but have been tweaked to provide better balance overall and to bring certain archetypes in line with others.

Note: In the 'Other Abilities' section (this section) only the stat explicitly mentioned in the change note has been altered, for example If a stat's vanilla bonus is "5% damage, 1% Dodge Chance' and the change note reads, "Now Grants 2% dodge chance per point" the stat still also grants 5% damage per point.

Dual Wield: Now grants 2% Dodge chance per point, up from 1%
Ranged: Now grants 2% Critical Hit Chance per point, up from 1%
Two Handed: Now only grants 2% increased critical hit damage per point, down from 5%
Leadership: Range has been increased from 8m to 16m



Favorable Wind
1ap, 6 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Call upon the swirling winds to aid you and your allies, increasing your dodge chance, air resistance, and movement speed for 2 turns.

Differences from Vanilla: Duration is now 2 turns, down from 4. Aura Radius increased from 10m to 15m, aura now grants 15% dodge chance and 15% Air Resistance in addition to the vanilla 1.5 movement.

Shocking Touch
2ap, 2 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Electrify a target at an arm's distance. Deals air damage.

Differences from Vanilla: Cooldown is now 2 turns, down from 3.


Flaming Daggers
2ap, 2 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Shoot three flaming daggers at target locations. Each dagger sets burning and deals fire damage.

Differences from Vanilla: Cooldown is now 2 turns, down from 3.

1ap, 3 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Sets Hasted on target character. Hasted increases movement speed by 2m per AP and gives an additional 2 AP per turn. Clears Slowed and Crippled.

Differences from Vanilla: Now gives 2ap per turn, up from 1


Battle Stomp
2ap, 4 Turn Cooldown, Starter Tier
Smash your weapon into the ground, damaging all non-allied characters in a cone in front of you for 35% weapon damage and knocking them down. Clears non-cursed surfaces and clouds.

Differences from Vanilla: damage reduced from % weapon damage to 35%


1ap 1sp, 6 Turn Cooldown, Adept Tier
Target ally becomes enraged, granting them guaranteed critical strikes, but also reducing their resistances by 25%.

Differences from Vanilla: Is now a source skill (costs 1sp), has had its AP cost reduced from 2 to 1, and has been moved from the novice tier to adept tier. Target radius increased to 13m. Enraged no longer mutes the target, instead it now reduces the targets resistances (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Poison, Piercing, And Physical) by 25% for the duration. Now requires 3 points in Warfare to learn and memorize, up from 2. Now fills 2 Memory slots, up from 1.

Change Log
  • Fixed an oversight where portal misfires could destroy soul jars during the portal event in Fort Joy
  • Attempted an alternative fix for misfire FX continuing to play after the portal event has ended
  • Attempted a fix for crime triggers for part one of the 'Adventures.In. SCIEEENCE!" quest not registering crimes when entered through onuseitem teleports (doors and stairways).