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This mod give you the class chronomancer. Which come with new abilities effects, new visuals effect and new gameplay.

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The chronomancer is an intelligence-based class.

As a utility mage, you can cast powerful spells of Time magic to buff your allies and debuff your enemies, give actions points or remove actions points as you wish. You can also play this class as a caster that deal high physical damage directly or indirectly. Be aware, using time magic is a dangerous art. Some say using it too much might put you into a weakened state.

The chronomancer class add 21 new spells:

Passive Tier:
⦁    Time surge : Every spells cast give 1 Shard of Time, at 4 Shards of Time you gain Time Surge status. Time Surge empower your action speed but greatly reduce your damage. At maximum stack unlock the spell Time Overwhelming. ( Only apply to self )
⦁    Time Overwhelming : Become unstable and unleash all the power of time. Set Stopped status to you and every enemies around you.
⦁    NEW :Time Portal : Concentrate and open 4 time portals. Time portals can be used to move faster between smalls distances.
⦁    NEW :Return : Channel one of the most dangerous spell of the Chronomancer, bring an ally back to life and take X piercing damage!

(5)Starter Tier (Level 1 ):
⦁    Accelero : Target a character. Increase movement speed, initiative and action point. Also remove slowed and decelerated.
⦁    Desynchronization : Desynchronize the target dealing X physical damage after 2 turrn.
⦁    Decelero : Target a character. Decrease movement speed, initiative and action point. Also remove hasted and accelerated.
⦁    Time Fracture : Create 4 smalls time fracture, each deals X physical damage.
⦁    Refund : Consume all stacks of Shard of Time to heal yourself. Each stack consumed this way increases the heal you receive.

(6)Novice Tier (Level 4 ):
⦁    Synchronization : Synchrronize all target in area dealing X physical damage. The spell can only target character affected by desynchronized or stopped.
⦁    Stop : Stop time for only one target. Stopped character can't move or cast and only take half damage.
⦁    Wither : Cast a powerful Time magic that deals X physical damage each turn. Applying Wither on the same target make the effect to spread around.
⦁    Renewal : Heal the target when cast and heal the target for the same amount after 2 turns.
⦁    Anomaly : Teleport through time dimension and consume all stacks of Shard of Time to increase your damage. Each stack consumed this way increases damage bonus.
⦁    Time Gift : Casting this signature time magic spell will give the target 2 action points.

(6)Adept Tier (Level 9 ):
⦁    Space and Time : Create a dimensional explosion that deals X physical damage and knockback all enemies around.
⦁    Distortion : Target an area and destroy time and space, dealing X physical damage. The distortion of the area can apply various temporal effects. (Accelerated,Decelerated and Stopped)
⦁    Sand of Time : Create a pillar of temporal sand that regen 10% of physical armor every turn.
⦁    Rewind : Rewind the time around you, healing every allies for a small amount, additionally remove almost all negatives status.
⦁    Steal Time : Steal time from one the target dealing X physical damage. Gain 2 maximum actions points and 1 action point recovery,the target lose the same amount.
⦁    NEW: Weapon Distortion : Send the weapon of the target into another dimension for 3 turn, dealing X physical damage.

(4)Master Tier (Level 13 ):
⦁    Disturbance Field : Create a time field that accelerate allies and decelerate enemies.
⦁    Past Sequence : Cast a unique Time magic spell that remove 25% of physical armor but give back 60% next turn.
⦁    Chronospheres : Create a temporal sphere that stop time for everyone but you.
⦁    Time dimension : Use Time magic to travel between dimension, making you invulnerable. But you can no longer deal direct damage when inside time dimension.

You can test every spells inside Game Master Mode. ( You can also take a look at the vase close to Maya. )

Maya the Time wizard is the expert in Time magic! You can find her :
⦁    Fort Joy: At the start location close to the statue.
⦁    Reaper's Coast: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
⦁    Nameless Isle: On Lady Vengeance, on the top deck.
⦁    Arx: At the start location, beside the first shrine